The Chase

The Chase

Harikomi is an atypical film noir with a social background. It tells the story of two detectives of Tokyo that, on the trail of a murderer, they have to faced with Sadako that will end up questioning their role of police officers and men.

Two detectives begin a stakeout based on the slim chance of catching a murderer whom they suspect will try to reunite with an old flame. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julien G (ru) wrote: Un sujet tel que celui-ci aurait certainement mrit une meilleure mise en scne et un meilleur montage (c'est mont la va-comme-j'te-pousse). C'est brouillon.

Coltin L (it) wrote: One of the most intriguing movies I have seen. In Time deserves a much higher rating than what it has been given. The concept of time as money is a warning of what could happen if money turned completely digital. Timberlake and Murphy fit perfectly as their opposing roles. This movie is incredible

Brett E (de) wrote: A sort of tame (which translates to lame, at times) script by Diablo Cody. While I am always intrigued by the plots of her screenplays, I've never been a fan of her writing on the whole. For every sharp line of dialogue there are eighteen that are obvious, forced or in her version of "reality," which is really only movie reality. However, this is my favorite of her work -- I found the character of JUNO to be smug and unlikable, while JENNIFER'S BODY was tone-deaf and awkward.A fierce performance by Charlize Theron but bland, forgettable work from everyone else except Patton Oswald who does what he can with a bizarrely created character who was the victim of a sort-of hate crime. Something is off about this movie but if you're an actor, it's worth it to see what Charlize Theron created with this role.

Richard M (us) wrote: 'You can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. '

Jesse O (mx) wrote: I mean what's not to like about Nazi zombies, honestly. Then again, this film could be poorly made, written, or acted. I'm not gonna sit here and suggest that the acting or the writing were truly that great, but the film does have an enthusiastic tone and it certainly pays tribute to some of the films that inspired it. There's also some plenty of great gore to boot. I will admit that, until the climactic act of the film, I would've rated this film to be average. That's not necessarily a bad thing for horror movies since it is easier to make a shitty a horror movie than it is to make any other type of film. And by easy I mean the fact that there's so many more avenues for someone to fuck up a horror movie. Whether through lazy writing, shitty acting, or even worse gore, horror movies are generally have an easier time to be awful than other genres. I realize that sounds strange, but that's the way it is. But I digress, an average score, for a horror movie, is considerably better than an average score for, say, a comedy. Because at least the movie isn't bad and, sometimes, horror geeks just want a horror movie that's not bad. But, thankfully, this film's last act got pretty crazy and it definitely elevated the movie past the average territory into a good one. This is very obviously a low-budget film, but I think they definitely made the most out of it with some great gory and campy moments. This is a film that does not take itself too seriously. And, I mean, come on. A film about Nazi zombies, can anyone truly take that seriously in this day and age? Maybe if this had come post-WW2, then it would've had a chance. Not today, and to their credit, they realize this and they definitely make the movie as campy as possible so you can get some laughs out of the entire thing. And it works, while it certainly takes a while, I found this to be a fun little movie. Nothing that would've set the world on fire, but it would entertain you for 90 minutes. And that's exactly what it did and, because of that, I would definitely recommend this film to horror geeks, if you haven't seen it already. A fun time will be had by all. Good stuff here.

Paula P (es) wrote: So dreadful it barely even warrants rating. Bad acting, bad screen play, lame, rehashed story idea. This movie was like bad leftovers. Skip it, awful even if you enjoy "awesomely bad" horror.

Sylvester K (nl) wrote: What on earth did I just watched?? Money and Sex don't go well together, it's the sad truth. None of the characters were likeable and it wasn't graphical enough to be an exploitational film or artistic enough to be an art house. It's one of the worst film since Orgazmo.

Roberto B (es) wrote: Titolo italiano: Indirizzo sconosciuto

Chris B (ag) wrote: Sin City is the best adaption of a comic book I have ever seen. It is like they just copied and pasted the comic book to the screen. It is so visually stunning and impressive to look at. It has a lot of gratuitous violence. A solid movie and one that will change the comic book genre.

Darrin C (ag) wrote: Just another unoriginal Psychos-in-the-Woods movie that we've all seen so much of before. I did like the direction used and the cinematography which seemed very steady and professionally done. The protagonists seemed a little too invincible even for a movie of this type...