The Cheetah Girls 2

The Cheetah Girls 2

Best friends Galleria, Chanel, Dorinda, and Aqua, A.K.A. the girl band "The Cheetahs," get the opportunity of a lifetime when they strut their way to Barcelona, Spain, to perform in an international music festival. Along the way, the "amigas Cheetahs" learn that, although their paths are not the same, they are lucky to have one another for the journey.

The sequel is filled with 'Cheetah-style' adventure, drama and humor. The escapade begins when Galleria enters the group in a Barcelona music festival, and the spirited foursome (escorted by Galleria's protective mom Dorothea and Chanel's mother Juanita) embarks on a journey of a lifetime. But things get way more complicated once the four best friends arrive in España: they meet Marisol, a talented solo singer and her manager/mother Lola, who unknown to the Cheetahs, may lead their group to break up; they are shown the sights by Joaquin, a handsome young tango dancer who falls for Dorinda; the fashion bug bites aspiring designer Aquanette; Chanel questions the future of her mother and Luc's relationship; Galleria begins to lose faith in the Cheetah Credo; and the Cheetahs' dream of becoming stars may be dashed forever when they are informed they've broken a stringent festival rule. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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