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Dann M (fr) wrote: Unfocused and lazy, About Cherry is a poorly made film that's kind of pretentious. There's not much of a plot: a teen runaway heads to San Francisco and gets involved in the pornography industry. However, as provocative as the material is the film doesn't seem to know what it wants to say about it. The cast features Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, and Heather Graham, but the material limits them. Bland and superficial, About Cherry is uninspired and pointless.

Barry T (mx) wrote: A sweet comedy about a young player who discovers he has cancer and strives to find a woman to get pregnant in a few weeks. Kwanten shows he has life after True Blood as he is adorably cute. Its funny if not a little light

Kyle M (jp) wrote: The film follows an idea of a break-up that breaks the woman's heart and the man's relationship chains, or the other way around depends who's dumping whom. But Ivan Reitman, director of good comedies such as "Animal House" and "Ghostbusters," added something more painful to the man than how the woman received when she's a local superhero of New York (duh). So this becomes like a spoof to the superhero genre when the woman started goofing around with her powers against her ex-boyfriend who she considered a bad guy when he broke her heart.This goofiness behavior doesn't consider her a hero like any other with coolness (obviously since she's the main piece of spoofing the genre). Her time with the hero title is the everyday style than saving the world most of the show (kind of like the style Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans Go!" - don't know why I'm mentioning it - is going for while being called "a bunch of a-holes" from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer).Uma Thurman portrays the superwoman. So the film is basically "Kill Bill" with superpowers whereas her "The Bride" character went hunting down her ex-husband and his gang after they'd massacred her family and friends. In this film, Thurman went goofing around with her powers on the guy that'd broke her heart. The guy that'd done that is Luke Wilson. "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" isn't the worst superhero film when it have okay key elements to the concept, but it's the most blandish with minimal comedy to it. Next to the film's pair is other good casted stars such as Rainn Wilson delivering most of the film's minimal comedy, Anna Farris as Wilson's rightful love interest, Eddie Izzard as the "villain," and Wanda Skyes as an easily misunderstood, disrespectful boss towards Wilson.It's okay to miss this. Your life won't get ruined or pick on by the superwoman. (B-)

Richard A (fr) wrote: should have gone straight to video!

Gavin D (us) wrote: Gives us a light hearted insight to the begninnings of the gay rights movement. In the days after Judy Garland's death, a major riot broke out in NY's Gay sector..namely the Stonewall Inn. When the Stonewall is once again raided, everyone inside, already emotional after Garland's death decide that enough is enough, and so started what is known as the modern Gay rights movement. Great flick, emotionally on the level and realistic. The fictional storyline is woven in with the real-life drama that eventually unfolded in 1969. The drag pieces are also fun to watch.

Denise A (us) wrote: Who doesn't love ELVIRA?

Matt N (nl) wrote: Cheesy, funny and brilliantly acted by Michael J Fox, Teen Wolf is an 80s guilty pleasure movie that rocks.

Lee M (br) wrote: We begin to understand Nixon -- or at least this representation of him -- in a human way that press coverage or television speeches could never capture. This is because Hall's performance transcends the political baggage of the film itself.

Callie M (es) wrote: Unrealistic, shallow, and cheesy, even for a rom com. Julia Roberts does what she can with her natural charm but the plot is nothing special. I found Richard Gere to be simply unbearable. The materialism was suffocating and the overall message confused. Great soundtrack.