The Cheyenne Social Club

The Cheyenne Social Club

Two cowboys inherit a "social club" specializing in satisfying men.

An aging cowboy finds to his embarrassment that the successful business he has inherited from his brother is actually a house of prostitution. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Cheyenne Social Club torrent reviews

Richard R (au) wrote: Not a fan of westerns but it was ok.. worth watching on pay tv maybe///

Lauren H (au) wrote: Though I have yet to view this, I would also recommend Brian Whitaker's book, "Unspeakable Love: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Middle East."

Scott W (fr) wrote: Dare i say must see? I think so.

Pavan R (au) wrote: A beautiful and true story. Does warm the heart. Well directed with some good performances. There is some goodness in the enemy too.

jesse p (gb) wrote: IT WAS FILMED IN 6 DAYS FOR 25 THOUSEND DOLLARS. AND IT GROSSED 600 MILLION DOLLARS WORLDWIDE. Well people Jesse has just watched the Best Pornography movie of all time and one of the best documentaries of all time. So I am going to review 2 movies Deep throat (Porno) and Inside Deep throat (Documentary) I downloaded both of these movies UNCUT deep throat (Porno) has been shown of TV a few times but I would rather just watch it uncut incase there is anything missing in the TV version. And if you're over 18 how does a 16 year old see this before you. And people don't lie who is to say you didn't see this when it was first out. Deep throat is rumored to be the most successful movie of all time out of its 22 thousand dollar budget it made 600 million dollars worldwide. It's not really you average Porno its Funny really stupid but overall enjoyable. Linda is some average Lady who can't really seem to get in on so she sees a doctor about it and he says the way for he to have a perfect one is deep throat. So he hires to fuck men to see if he is right though he is of course. So the acting is okay Harry Reems besides him being a porn actor he is okay others good to average. The music beside all those wired sound effects during sex scenes it was okay. Here are some facts I found There is both a Hard core version (One I have seen) and I soft core version witch usually runs on pay TV here in Australia. Originally there were two endings filmed but only one survives today. This was the first Pornography film to have an Uncut showing on Dutch TV. Linda cliamd throwout the hole film she had a gun up to her head. Or maybe she just couldn't stand to tell people what it was like to suck Harry Reems dick. Inside Deep throat (Documentary) is a great documentary witch shows the history of one of the most profitable movie of all time. So yeah no one really knows how much it made some estimates are between 100 million and 150 million but so Meany people around the world say it made 600 million. To me 600 million is a bit too much I would say maybe 200 million or less. Inside Deep throat goes throw the history of the movie from a scripted till it went into cinemas. With interviews with surviving cast and crew members and extremely rare behind the scenes footage and stills. They also see the original sets and today they don't look too much different. Here are some facts I found on this. There was over 800 hours of interviews and archive footage and had to be edited twice for running time. Both Deep throat and this played together as a double feature. Despite the NC-17 version being the directors but it doesn't come with the extra hour's footage. But overall they were good the documentary was the best and I can say my final verdict for both is recommended.

Carolyn Carrie S (jp) wrote: I thought this movie was VERY VERY Good. Claire Danes looked beautiful in it. Very pretty. I loved how they had so much white in it and at the end the mother was wearing Red. I love symbolism. I wish I knew what the director was thinking. I love big family movies. It makes my growing up life seem normal. Was the wife in the movie the same mother from Charmed? I loved Gabriel Byrne. When is he not good?

Karsh D (ca) wrote: Thought I would give this film another go fearing that I may have been a bit harsh in the past about it. I wasn't. Boring sentimental claptrap.

Michael S (ru) wrote: Inspiration for the color-themed aliases in "Reservoir Dogs." One of my favorite films from the '70s.

Private U (es) wrote: Sonny Chiba punches a man's eyes out of his head.

Flike S (es) wrote: Some entertain, others enlighten, and some can even enrage. This, simply spoke.

Miriam G (de) wrote: By and large a very good adaptation, leaving the text almost entirely whole and unviolated, as it should be. The performances are good all around, particularly Laertes. David Tennant's Hamlet is generally very good, but I felt that at times he slipped out of actually playing the part and just went into craziness shtick or routine.

Peter H (nl) wrote: Some human interest to this war story but mainly nothing more than a rather drab and predictable narrative.

Mike V (ru) wrote: just a fantastic movie. of you haven't seen the yet, you've made a terrible mistake.

Corey P (gb) wrote: This movie is actually better than expected. Didn't have high expectations until after watching I had a different point of view.

Barry T (kr) wrote: A muddled messy mixed up movie which was a shame as it has a lot going for it. Bruhel and Devaligne are excellent and the merging story of Knox and a fictional murder are the intriguing. But it cant decide whether its art house or a mainstream thriller which lets it down as it gets muddled and Beckingsdale is miscast

Josh T (ca) wrote: Both fantastic and freaky, damn good western.