The Children of Sanchez

The Children of Sanchez

Hall Bartlett directs the rural drama The Children of Sanchez, based on the tome The Children of Sanchez: Autobiography of a Mexican Family written by Oscar Lewis in the '60s. Anthony Quinn stars as the widowed Jesus Sanchez, a poor farmer struggling to provide for his family in Mexico City. Also starring Lupita Ferrer as Consuelo and Stathis Giallelis as Roberto. This is the last film in the 50-year career of international star Dolores del Rio, who plays the Grandma. Jazz-pop performer Chuck Mangione was nominated for a Golden Globe and won a Grammy award for his original musical score.

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Private U (br) wrote: One of the best films to portray a true story!

Andrew L (it) wrote: It's a watchable film with Affleck's best ever performance in a career of countless duds. However, like a Michael Moore documentary, this film only serves to inform us of what we already know and raises a load of serious questions without reaching any conclusions. Ultimately then this film doesn't stand out amongst other mystery thrillers and will most likely sink from memory.

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Alex V (fr) wrote: esperando la 3era parte...

Kylie A (br) wrote: very sad but extremely interesting

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Simple cheesy light hearted comedy

John B (es) wrote: What a train wreck. I couldn't take my eyes off of this piece. I can't believe that this woman still has any political support. Proves that someone will admire someone merely for the fact of being famous.

Roman L (ca) wrote: If you like twisted dystopian movies - that is IT. Pure profit. Acting is perfect. It's a love drama, but not the one you will watch with a date. Very dark and gloomy with no happy end. From the guy who directed Romper Stomper.

Aaron G (ag) wrote: Goes too far with the violence for me to ever want to see again.

Robbie P (gb) wrote: This movie is near flawless and even after 24 years it still stands out as one of the best sci-fi films ever made. The extended special edition only adds more extended scenes and a few cut scenes to an already great film but the added footage does flesh out the characters more but proved unnecessary for the theatrical cut of which trimmed over 15 minutes of footage down to a 136 minute release. This extended cut as I like to call it is what I remember enjoying most because it was exclusive when first released on pioneer laserdisc and vhs special edition cuts. The extended footage had some extremely impressive special effects Stan Winston pulled off including using the real life twin of actor Linda Hamilton. This scene alone was worth the extra money for this cut. Anyway sit back and enjoy an extended cut of your favorite terminator movie :) you won't be disappointed.

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Damian M (mx) wrote: Didn't I just review this movie?

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