The Chilling

The Chilling

The bodies at a cryogenic centre are defrosted by accident and turn into cannibalistic zombies.

The bodies at a cryogenic centre are defrosted by accident and turn into cannibalistic zombies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (nl) wrote: Well, I expected something more serious.

Natia M (es) wrote: aloof and splendid Georgian mountains. People seem real, strong but broken with bitter life. what of adventure for tourists is the life long reality for local people. I enjoyed the movie. till the end I was waiting for some cutting moment. Had a feeling of emptiness but was really impressed. good job of director and actors as well.

Tayyab R (ru) wrote: It's good entertainment with solid lead performances - but often at the cost of neutralizing the rest as uni-dimensional buffoons with skin-deep business knowledge.

Sabena A (au) wrote: A really nice movie, kareena is simply great in this movie, her acting is so good that you really feel sorry for her, storyline was ok, overall a stylish and glamours movie to enjoy.

Colin F (de) wrote: This is Hammer Films on their arse and their final throw of the dice to keep the Dracula saga going, at this point though Christopher Lee has bailed out and Kung Fu Vampires have been introduced because of the popularity of Martial Arts in the mid 1970s.Now on paper this should not work but what we actually get is quite a little entertaining film, John Forbes Robertson is actually a very good Dracula but he is no Christopher Lee. Draculas screen time is very limited to cameo appearances as he takes over the form of some Kung Fu Master, yes really! Peter Cushing brings some reliability to the whole thing playing Van Helsing for the final time and going on a mission with his Ninja type followers to destroy the Seven Golden Vampires who are actually very well realised. Am not really into Martial Arts but can appreciate the fights with the vampires are their dodgy zombies are actually very well done. The script is actually quite good and the movie rattles along at quite a good pace. There are negatives though, Julie Ege could not act her way out of a paper bag it really is shite. Also the ending is diabolical considering this is the final film. Dracula and Van Helsing meet one final time and I was expecting an epic battle, what we get is Van Helsing being slapped on the face twice by Dracula and then Van Helsing pushing Dracula on to a conveniently placed stake and that is it, the whole sequence lasts less than 30 seconds.It is a good fun romp , but not a Hammer Classic but comes close.

Mauricio R (br) wrote: Despite the deliberate attempt to make the plot clear and some other redeeming qualities (i.e. KK), the confusing plot and sometimes overabundant violence & gore shots really sink this movie for me.