The Chosen One

The Chosen One

...he's lost his job, totaled his car, and been attacked by a bear. Just when it seems like life can't get any worse, the leader of an eccentric church tells Lou that he's The Chosen One the man from prophecy who must travel to Kansas, talk to God and deliver the world into a new age. Together with his cantankerous old roommate Zeb, his scientist co-worker Donna, and a certain Prince of Hell know

Being a superhero is easy, but what if you are the Chosen One? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Chosen One torrent reviews

Stewart B (mx) wrote: Saw this film first on DVD. Was exactly the right film for the evening and so good we watched it twice back to back. Just a wonderful story with the right amount of emotion and comedy to make it great.

Jennifer T (es) wrote: A lot of funny moments. I liked Michael Douglas in this.

Amanda H (mx) wrote: Some movies can combine humor and action quite skillfully. This is not one of those movies. Instead, this plays off like a bunch of high school kids unleashed by themselves while their parents are in a meeting during Take Your Kids To Work Day. Endless immature biology jokes and insults, very little plot to back any of it up, and no action that came come even close to being taken seriously. I laughed once or twice at the stupidity of it all, but other than that this is a waste of time.

Bruce G (us) wrote: James West was NOT black. That destroyed the whole story line for me. If you want a black character write one into the story but don't try and rewrite and make the main character into something that wasn't part of the original story. Bad casting for James West. Selma was beautiful but not used to her full potential. I thought Kline did a reasonable job as Artie Gordon. The stag dress up was a bit too much and took away from the attempted seriousness of the story line. I was terribly disappointed in this movie.

Cameron S (de) wrote: Ideologically similar to 'Sonatine' yet structurally and thematically very different, 'Kids Return' sees auteur Takeshi "Beat" Kitano weave an occasionally beautiful story that strays from his usual self-immolating themes in order to focus more on the aspirational nature of life. The plot focuses on two teenage delinquents Masaru and Shinji as they try to understand their calling in life and separately experiment with both the Yakuza and boxing.Cinematically Kitano is once again very self-referential, drawing on his past as both a delinquent and one half of the comedy duo 'The Two Beats' in order to create believable and entertaining scenarios. The idea of 'mono no aware' is also visited again and the impermanence of childhood is one of the film's more interesting and heartfelt themes. It's no question 'Kids Return' is the work of a well seasoned and refined auteur, Kitano utilises the minimalistic steady camera style that has become a trademark of his work and allows composer Joe Hisaishi to create a beautiful soundtrack that flawlessly accompanies the film's exceptional visual flare. On the downside tough there are moments where the script seems somewhat drawn-out (un-deliberately) and, although entertaining, the moments in which Shinji and Masaru take a back seat in order for the film to focus on the lives of other teens pale in comparison to the rest of the film. Where 'Kids Return' suffers when placed amongst the likes of 'Sonatine' and 'A Scene At The Sea' , two of Kitano's best is with it's potency, and, although the ending feels like the best and most natural amalgamation of the events that preceded, in retrospective it lacks the same poignancy.

William B (ca) wrote: This movie is so cliched and so over the top it's hard not to have fun and enjoy yourself while watching it.

Dane T (ca) wrote: It does drag at times but it's still enjoyable thanks to the memorable songs and Streisand's warm and funny performance.

Randy R (kr) wrote: This 1939 flick about the out law of the Jesse James of the wild west was great. I enjoy watching it. Tyrone Power was not that bad playing Jesse James role in the movie. Henry Fonda was aw some in the movie he played Frank Jesse. Yes this movie enjoyable but...didn't show more about Jesse James. I know this movie was made in 1939 like........well over 70 years ago. Randolph Scott played peace maker marshal in it. Like wise I enjoy watching this movie!

Tom D (nl) wrote: Unsurprisingly, not as good as the first, but it's 80 minutes of harmless fun.

mike m (au) wrote: Danny trejo is the only good thing in this movie, and he's only in the first ten minutes. the CGI looks like it was done by third graders, some of the direction looks like it was done by a porn director, and the actors look very forced in their acting. waste of an hour and a half!

Leigh C (it) wrote: This movie is insightful, ridiculous, real, funny and thought-provoking. It made me cry more than laugh, but it's definitely not sad. It's probably not the most realistic storyline and I can't imagine that anyone's family is really this complicated, but it's good and its a gem.

Gretchen W (it) wrote: It was charming n funny

Jocey D (au) wrote: It was intriguing. Old style storytelling in modern day dark, mysterious downtown Manhattan. Adrien Brody plays the perfect tortured, brooding old school New York reporter.