The Christmas Blessing

The Christmas Blessing

Nathan Andrews is all grown up. As a young doctor, Nathan finds himself questioning his career choice, so he goes to his hometown to soul search and reconnect with his father. Once home, a blossoming romance with teacher Megan Sullivan and a fast friendship with student Charlie Bennett teach Nathan to live life in the moment and embrace the time he has with friends and family.

A medical resident (Neil Patrick Harris) falls in love with a young teacher (Rebecca Gayheart) and develops a special bond with one (Angus T. Jones) of her students. All their lives are connected and he meets someone from his past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenny O (ca) wrote: Terrible!Don't watch this!!!

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Rob T (ru) wrote: Starts as a bad low budget slasher flick and tries to build to an epic low budget battle flick...Mostly awful but doesn't take itself seriously which makes it watchable... though it lost my interest in the last half hour...

Tim W (it) wrote: This is the best film of 2007, largely due to the lack of serious contenders.

Kenneth S (de) wrote: Pretty good! I think this film's content is better than "The Day After "Tomorrow".Try to see it!:)

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Sara A (gb) wrote: My favorite movie of all time, hilarious every time.

Brian K (mx) wrote: Come on now, it's not Shakespeare but its goofiness is enough to entertain.

Lea B (us) wrote: Not one of the best Disney movies, but it's still worth seeing. And it has some nice visuals and fun characters.

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Travis T (jp) wrote: A good premise, but ironically suffers from being too over-the-top, just like the first productions in the story. Too many close-ups, solos, etc., and WAY too long to keep anyone's interest for the whole thing.

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