The Christmas List

The Christmas List

Perfume saleslady Melody Parris feels like her life is in neutral. Her stick-in-the mud boyfriend won't commit and she gets passed over for a promotion at the store where she works. She decides to make a Christmas list. After it's deposited in Santa's mailbox at the store, she starts getting everything she wanted, but it doesn't always turn out as she expected.

Perfume saleslady Melody Parris feels like her life is in neutral. Her stick-in-the mud boyfriend won't commit and she gets passed over for a promotion at the store where she works. She ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Connor W (br) wrote: When i this was announced i admit i was intrigued as i was a big fan of the games when i was younger, but the second i watched the trailer i knew what was going to come of ''Need For Speed''. It's a rushed and underdeveloped movie where i don't care about any of the characters, even when Pete died i felt nothing as i didn't know anything about him other than he can be an ass. To round this movie up its got the most predictable story, a villain that wasn't intimidating but hay at least the physics make more sense then fast and furious (sue me) :p

John A (ca) wrote: Inspiring true story of Bethany Hamilton, who through Determination, her faith & the support of her family and close friends made her way back into the pro surfing circuit. This film gets quite a few bad reviews, maybe by people who don't like dramas. This drama boasts a great main cast consisting of Anna Sophiarobb, Helen Hunt & Dennis Quaid.

Scott B (jp) wrote: Earlier this year I began watching HBO's Veep, a rough American equivalent of In The Loop and it's parent TV show The Thick of It. While I did enjoy it, I felt it was lacking something. It wasn't until I re watched In the Loop that I found out what it was: the British tradition of being more blunt and cynical with their brand of political satire. That alone is why I love this film so much. Compared with Capaldi's delightfully over the top performance and Ianucci's tight script, this film proves that Ianucci's brand of satire is always entertaining, whether it be a sweary put down or a major political mishap. One of my personal favourites!

Jason M (br) wrote: pretty good movie, I always enjoy Lundgrens movies

Marilyn C (ca) wrote: this is one of the all time best Nicolas cage movies ever made

GringoTex J (it) wrote: I love Bruno Dumont's America, where Turtle Wax can fix scratched paint and you don't have to pay for your ice cream. A pretty silly little horror comedy, but I got a few laughs in. Mostly at Dumont's expense, I think.

Kevin N (fr) wrote: An awe-inspiring study in minimalism, where cold-blooded murder is rendered a quiet cry of desperation. There are probably fewer than a hundred words of dialogue in the film, and most of the verbal content blares from jukeboxes or news programs; instead, the characters interact in much subtler and more human ways. The smallest movement of an eyeball or a single tear become actions that speak far louder than words, and if the story had been told in any other way it would be a completely ineffectual narrative. I was compelled by Kaurismki's brutal and honest visual approach and was left simultaneously hungry for more and quite full, moved and disgusted.

Marisa M (es) wrote: [b]I love Madeline Stowe; she's one of the most underrated and under-used actresses in film. Sadly, her talents are ill-served by WORTH WINNING's dour and offensive sitcom-level script. As the overly-confident bachelor willing to wager his matrimony to prove to his buddies just how much of a stud he is, the usually charming Mark Harmon has little to worth with, and his frequent habit of talking directly into the camera makes WORTH WINNING play like FERRIS BUELLER going through a mid-life crisis. Bad writing and uninspired direction will kill any film, but by far the worst offender here is the costume designer, who wraps Ms. Stowe in frumpy, garrish outfits that Elton John would refuse to wear.[/b] [b][color=darkorchid]MariahMeter Rating: [b]*1/2 / ****[/b] [/color][/b]

Ryan C (es) wrote: Back when this film came out in 1989, it was a bit of a competition between the three biggest directors of the time to see who could create the best film with the common setting being New York. The result was "New York Stories," a film that used the anthology genre which hadn't been utilized in some time to showcase the talents of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Woody Allen. The first short film is entitled "Life Lessons," and is the most successful out of the three films. Nick Nolte stars as Lionel Dobie, an artist desperately in love with Paulette (Rosanna Arquette). On numerous occasions, he makes it clear that he would do anything for Paulette (except, of course, tell her whether or not he thinks she has any talent as an artist). Expertly written, convincingly acted and, with Scorsese at the helm, masterfully directed, "Life Lessons" is the best contribution "New York Stories" has to offer as an intriguing character study of a grizzly middle aged artist seeking inspiration from his romance. Sandwiched in between Scorsese and Allen's films (to help us forget about it) is Francis Ford Coppola's "Life Without Zoe." Disjointed and lacking purpose or any unifying themes, this film is easily the worst out of the three. The plot involves an Arab princess, a flutist and a spoiled girl. These three elements seem vastly different and Coppola does such a lackluster job of tying them all together that "Life Without Zoe" doesn't once rise above mediocrity. Finally, Woody Allen's film "Oedipus Wrecks" involves lawyer Sheldon Mills and his strained relationship with his mother. The film broke the string of drama (and dramatic comedies) Allen had been releasing since this film is purely comedic. The humiliation Sheldon experiences whenever his mother walks into the room is broad and universal, appealing to the side of us that harbors resentment at the person who granted life to us, provided for us but for whatever reason, failed us in one way or another. "Oedipus Wrecks" transforms from comically exaggerated reality to a fun fantasy. The film is much lighter than Scorsese's, but succeeds as a comedy that works. The film is definitely worth a look for Scorsese fans and I expect Woody Allen fans naturally gravitate towards it. I wonder what Coppola thought upon seeing Scorsese and Allen's finished products. I assume he experienced the kind of panic I experienced in grade school when I finished a project and, looking around at my other classmates' works, felt grossly inadequate.

Bill M (au) wrote: Less Than Zero is a pretty terrible adaptation, it barely resembles the Brett (Rules Of Attraction, American Psycho) Easton Ellis's book on which it's based, often the only similarities are the names of characters, and the location of mid 80's L.A. Gone is the dread of Ellis's controversial book, as are the snuff movies, underage girl gang rape, and various other horrors that the studio no doubt frowned upon. What is dose retain is a similar mood, atmosphere, and view on overprivileged, morally compromised, coke snorting kids. But really once you get past the fact that almost none of the book is in the film, you appreciate that the film is it's own thing really, and what it is, is a teen flick released in the midst of the John Hughes/Brat Pack era that stood out from the rest as a more raw, dark, honest and unflinching portrayal of youth than other movies of the time. Particularly in a very young Robert Downey Jr's performance as rich kid turned drug addict and male prostitute Julian, he gives an incredible performance, and his hopeless plight is often heartbreaking to watch. Another standout is the films amazing visual look, the none more 80's, neon drenched lighting and cinematography are remarkable, and the set design wonderfully gaudy and opulent, it captures a dark and lightly satirical look at this empty life style that still connects it to Ellis's work in spirit at least, even if it's no were near as uncompromising and viscous. But it pre-dates Heathers as an edgier movie in that arena that undermines the themes and attitude of teen movies of the 80's dressed in a similarly glossy sheen, window dressing for a more unforgiving story, even if it gets sentimental in a way that the ever cynical writer would have baulked, even gaged at. Still, a sad, visually incredible, unique snapshot of a particular time in youth culture that even though it is not the book, deserves to be reappraised as it's own thing.

Risa C (us) wrote: i liked it but they should put this on the scifi channel not lmn.

Tyler W (de) wrote: One Of The Worst Remakes I've Seen!

Harry W (jp) wrote: With Charles Bronson headlining the film, Mr. Majestyk sounded like a good nostalgic action piece.The story in Mr. Majestyk is a very familiar one considering it is another story dealing with a protection racket and usurping land against the backdrop of an action story. The gimmick comes into play on the basis of the fact that it is a 1970's action film which serves as a vehicle for Charles Bronson. As a fan of him for his work in The Great Escape and Death Wish, Mr. Majestyk sounded like a fun film. It wasn't what I expected, but it did maintain many of the faults that I had predicted. When I say that, I mean that Mr. Majestyk is a familiar film with a premise which has been used in the plot device of countless other crime or action films throughout history. And considering the fact that Mr. Majestyk comes from the 1970's, it also incures the same slow pace that was the standard for films at the time which means that it is no longer as exhilarating as it once was. The value for the film comes into play based on its nostalgia and how much viewers enjoy the gimmick of it as a Charles Bronson action piece. Mr. Majestyk puts a lot of focus on its plot which slows down the effect of the feature as an action piece. And when I say that, I don't mean in the same way that it focused on the titular character of his other film The Mechanic. In Mr. Majestyk, it is all about him on the run and so the creativity in what the film can do with its action is limited. But considering how dated the film is, it is easy to see how back in the day of its original release Mr. Majestyk would be an entertaining feature. It uses an atmosphere of slow burning tension to grasp its intended feel, and as the story progresses viewers are able to get insight into just what kind of a hero the titular Mr. Majestyk is. He is a hunter, he sees enemies as inferior creatures which need to be eliminated, and Charles Bronson is the perfect fit for this part. With the country setting of the story, this makes the premise of Mr. Majestyk a fascinating one. Mr. Majestyk is one of the more realistic action films of the era as it does not go over the top with explosions or characters suriving them but rather chronicles a farmer turned into a hunter against his enemies without going over the top in characterizing his abilities. At heart, that is what Mr. Majestyk is about. It is a tale about a hunter, and in that regard it is a decent one. It is certainly a slow one and could use a bit more energy, but it has its moments. As a whole, Mr. Majestyk is a slow, dated and somewhat boring film. But Richard Fleischer's directorial work manages to give a certain kind of spirit to the film. Considering that the story involves war over a watermelon farm, it is a bit ridiculous which suggests that the source material had other themes to it which would further justify it. But while the film is bereft of these, Richard Fleischer at least does a good job of ensuring that the action in the film is strong enough.The action scenes in Mr. Majestyk are choreographed very nicely. While there may not be enough of them, they are realistic and captured with precision as well as incorporating in a touch of blood. They all occur against the backdrop of some nice country scenery which end up establishing the setting of the story very nicely. It is good to see a story like this take place in a less commercialised location for once because the country setting is one usually reserved for horror films and so seeing it in a crime based story is an effective concept. It may not always be the most interesting but it definetely benefits from the nice scenery around everything because it provides a colourful backdrop and allows a game of cat and mouse between heroes and villains to occur within an open ranged setting. Seeing the battle occur on the sides of cliffs and through the trees is interesting as it reinforces the nature of the film as a vigilante justice tale about a farmer. There are certainly some memorable moments of visual imagery in Mr. Majestyk, and so it isn't as forgettable as it could have ended up being.And of course, Charles Bronson makes his contribution to Mr. Majestyk clear.Charles Bronson's leading performance as the titular Mr. Majestyk is solid. While the film doesn't give him too much in terms of script, Charles Bronson makes the role work by turning the character into the hunter that he is. Grasping his weaponry without fear, Charles Bronson steps up and delivers a powerful effort. The only emotion that Charles Bronson needs to play Mr. Majestyk is determination, and Charles Bronson brings plenty of that to the part because he puts the tension in and never takes it out even for a second. He stands strong in Mr. Majestyk and draws his weapon to his shoulder at any time without flinching, pulling the trigger fearlessly. The part isn't as complex or challenging for him and is largely just another action vehicle for him, but he certainly ensures that the viewer's time is not wasted whenever he is on screen. He is the main thing drawing viewers into Mr. Majestyk and his ability to take on an action hero with such grit and determination is likely to be the reson any viewers could recommend Mr. Majestyk as entertaining, so Charles Bronson is definitely an asset.So Charles Bronson does his part and the action in the film is entertaining, but overall Mr. Majestyk is a slow paced and dated film with a bit of nostalgia but not enough exhilaration to really do the job.

Emilio S (ca) wrote: Why does everyone always think that this film is a critique of the Cuban Revolution? No doubt there is a critique of the main character as well. In any event, Alea's experimentation with form is his true mark of genius, making this one the of the more significant films in the history of Latin American cinema.

Sen C (ca) wrote: A misunderstood classic western. Marilyn was never more beautiful

Weul S (jp) wrote: Sometimes Hollywood actually gets it right. This film is emotional without being sentimental, important without being preachy, both timely & timeless. Tom Hanks earned this Oscar, from the opera scene alone.

Dennis F (ca) wrote: Worth watching a couple of times - great animation and voice talents - though not one of the absolute best animated films, such as Toy Story