The Circus

The Circus

Charlie, a wandering tramp, becomes a circus handyman and falls in love with the circus owner's daughter. Unaware of Charlie's affection, the girl falls in love with a handsome young performer. Charlie's versatility makes him star of the show when he substitutes for an ailing tightwire walker. He is discharged from the company when he protects the girl from her father's abuse, but he returns and appeals to the handsome performer to marry the girl. After the wedding the father prevails upon them to rejoin the circus. Charlie is hired again, but he stays behind when the caravan moves on.

The Tramp finds work and the girl of his dreams at a circus. The ringmaster of an impoverished circus hires Chaplin's Little Tramp as a clown, but discovers that he can only be funny unintentionally, not on purpose. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Circus torrent reviews

Samantha P (nl) wrote: Very funny but edgy at the same time.

Joshua C (it) wrote: Real fun movie, Stylish action scenes, and great story One of my fav Andy Lau flicks

yeah well im me (jp) wrote: Its a good ass movie.

Karissa C (ru) wrote: i love the bestfriends :>

Sirish M (br) wrote: I simply love this movie. Terrific acting, soul stirring music, excellent direction, amazing cinematography, this movie's got it all. Everything except for an ending, which was inevitable but unaccepted by the audience, and hence the mighty fall. However it still remains in hearts of everyone who loved it.

Thomas K (jp) wrote: The reviews were mediocre but it's a Joe Dante film, which means you should see it anyhow and make up your own mind.

Dan (es) wrote: I know I should not be watching these kind of movies... but this one was kinda good.

Samantha G (es) wrote: Another great film with Loy and Powell. Fantastic fun. Movies just aren't made like this anymore.

Mark D (kr) wrote: Excellent "B" western. Overall rating is a 40, but give it a 60 for its age.

Tommy D (au) wrote: One of the best Sunday afternoon films on the market, this feel-good movie will cheer your day up.

Gareth D (ru) wrote: Fun enough, rather cliched, overacted and obvious - but a fun little romp with a couple of nice action sequences.

Sparky E (ru) wrote: I love thrillers and Adrien Brody, so it's no surprise that I enjoyed Manhattan Night! It was a riveting film full of twists and turns!