The Citizen

The Citizen

Yearning to leave behind his life of misfortune in the Middle East, Ibrahim Jarrah wins the U.S. Green Card Lottery for a chance to become an American citizen. Ibrahim lands in New York City the day before 9/11…and the events of the September terrorist attacks forever shape the struggles he faces on his journey to capture the American dream.

An Arab immigrant wins the American green card lottery, arriving in New York City on September 10, 2001. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan L (nl) wrote: awesome movie with lots of twisting plots. very realistic and concrete. I love the movie.

Priscilla (kr) wrote: i never heard of it either same here and i dont now y it is on my pro how do i take it odd it looks like a good movie but pls help me take it off my ro

Micah F (br) wrote: "Hollywoodland" is a solid offering with just the right mixture of fact and postulation, but it is a little disheartening that the fictionalized 'who-dunnit' story line starring Adrien Brody makes the film much more worthwhile than the true story of George Reeves himself - on which the appeal of the movie was billed.

Kabbir M (it) wrote: A heart-warming and hilarious narrative about the life of a dim-witted man who rises to fame and fortune which will continue to be a people's favourite for years to come. From Tom Hanks's impeccable Alabaman accent to the various historical events and famous people he came to influence(fictitiously), this movie is entertainment galore.

Seth F (de) wrote: This movie is pure genius. Absolutely pure genius.


Aidan H (jp) wrote: Shame to see Mike Leigh once again waste his actors' time (and mine) with this weary and meaningless caricature of the British unworking classes. After the fifth or sixth barrage of banal banter between Daniels' thuggish doley and his misanthropic parents, the infantile dialogue had me nodding in my chair long before its pointless finale. Stars for Gary Olman's energetic but ultimately wasted performance.

Jacques P (jp) wrote: A classic that holds up in almost every way.

Robert D (au) wrote: How did I miss this Wes Craven Hittite horror show. "They make the Amish look like swingers," says one character. Sharon Stone deep throats a tarantula, there's a snake-in-the-bath scene and more. It's B-movie trash, but in the best possible way.

Ben R (br) wrote: This is one hell of a classic 70s movies that surprised the crap outta me. I started watching it and couldn't stop, wasn't bored at all during this. I can't say that about most 70s crime dramas either. This had a perfect balance of some action,drama and intentional/unintentional comedy. This is a great crime/disaster hybrid that captured the true feel of New York City in 1974. I haven't seen the remake of fhis......but something tells me I'm not going to be super into it,because this movie did the job right the first time.

Lee M (br) wrote: At a running time of just under two full hours, the boredom becomes as exaggerated as the wallpaper. And I'd say the humor was dated, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't funny then, either.

Bruce B (jp) wrote: A film from Director Jerry Warren who had a knack for obtaining Mexican Horror Films and Dubbing them. This one is pretty good. Its about 2 Men and 2 Women who after going down in the ocean in a diving bell discover a underground World. Its pure 1960 drive in Swill. While in the undersea Caves they come across a Cave man looking dude who hasn't seen a women in 8 years and well you know what?s on his mind. In the end all are rescued and they live happily ever after. Its not all that bad, came from a 3 movie pack from Something Weird Video. Its worth a cheap purchase or a Friday Night Stormy rental 2 1/2 stars.

Walter M (ag) wrote: In "Gate of Hell," a rebellion has broken out in Japan. As all hell breaks loose, a desperate plan is hatched to save the royalty by distracting them with a decoy. Kesa(Machiko Kyo), a handmaiden volunteers for the suicide mission which the rebels fall for. Luckily for her, Morito(Kazuo Hasegawa) is on hand to rescue her before battling his own brother. After order is restored and the rebellion put down, Morito is granted a boon for his bravery and loyalty. He chooses Kesa's hand in marriage which is when things get very, very complicated.Even as action packed as its first act is, "Gate of Hell" also finds the time to unload a lot of 12th century Japanese politics and history on the unsuspecting audience. That is all a little unnecessary, considering that at the heart of this historical drama is the intimate and timeless tragedy of three people and they are the only ones that matter. But the movie soon recovers itself very, very well on the way to its shattering climax. In general, this is also a movie about warriors who have trouble adjusting to peacetime, especially considering this was made not that long after the end of World War II.

Christian L (it) wrote: Very good film, from 1946 B&W, staring Paul Muni. About a man who is killed by his partner in crime, makes a deal with the devil to come back from hell, but then has second thoughts about what he's supposed to do.

Miguel R (de) wrote: Mediocre thriller, but Lindy Booth is gorgeous as always...

Josh R (jp) wrote: It's extremely vulgar, yet American Pie is quite clever and is constantly laugh out loud funny, and is daring compared to the typical high school comedy.Grade: A-

Monica C (ag) wrote: Really grabbed me. Visuals, acting, story line- ALL engaging and compelling. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie!