The Clone Returns Home

The Clone Returns Home

Kohei Takahara, an astronaut who dies in the line of duty, is legally resurrected as a clone: however, contrary to the scientists’ expectations, he reverts to his childhood memories when his twin brother drowned sacrificing his life for Kohei. Kohei’s clone discovers the body of his former self mistakenly believing that it is his deceased twin. Reliving his tragic past, he sets off carrying his corpse body to the beautiful hometown where he lived with his now dead mother.

The Clone Returns Home is a compelling meditation on the paradox of life and death, and the meaning of love and family. Set in an imaginary - yet utterly imaginable - future, this quietly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos I (gb) wrote: lol. oh man... that is awful. Never been all that great, but I love the first one, so I tend to watch this every now and then... lol

Holly G (au) wrote: Mindwarp indeed. One star for the projectile blood spewing and subsequent leach vomiting. A half star for the slapping of the open hand wound and for when everyone drinks Claude. A final half star for the uber-whiny, eye-rolling leading lady.

Dillon L (gb) wrote: not as good as people make it out to be but not bad either

Christopher L (it) wrote: [i][b]54[/b][/i] - A cheap, lame "based on a true story" film that causes more yawns than pants tents, more unwanted laughs than gasps and more eye rolls than jaw droppings (yes, poop from the jaw). I was extremely disappointed, but Mike Myers and a few of the others were quite good here. [b]*1/2 (out of ****) C-[/b][b]187[/b] - Samuel L. Jackson is a very talented actor, and when he's in a film like the mediocre [i]187[/i], I say it's no fault of hi that the film itself is less than successful. The man can act. It's the script and the director (and a lot of the time, the other performers). It's a film that could've been good, but isn't up to par and doesn't take any chances. [b]** (out of ****) C[/b][i][b]Beautiful Creatures[/b][/i] - Here is yet another violent crime "comedy" from Britain that fails miserably. I do so love the presence of Rachel Weisz, and whenever I see her, the film automatically gets a smile from me, but this one's just too mean-spirited and pointless to be simple fun. [b]*1/2 (out of ****) C-[i]Best Laid Plans[/i][/b] - This is one of the most useless and boring films I've seen. It's well-acted, but I warn you: Stay away. [b]* (out of ****) D[i]Body Shots[/i][/b] - I was completely insulted by [i]Body Shots[/i], a revolting after school special that treats its audience like utter fools. I hated just about everything it had to offer. I did like some of the perormances, but they're not so great that I would ever sit through this again. [b]* (out of ****) D[/b]

Kathryn C (de) wrote: Uufta! A wannabe cross between GOTs and Gladiator. Pretty bad. But if you like predictable gore, this maybe the one for you. I feel sorry for the actors whose names will be forever tied to this stinker on IMBD.

Gina G (es) wrote: Here for the ending.

Declan H (gb) wrote: Not the first time a more comedy centered actor portrayed a superhero/antihero in a film, but it is a spectacular success. Deadpool is funny and touching where and when it needs to be. If you don't like foul language or extreme blood and gore, you may want something a bit lighter, but if you have iron eardrums and a stomach of steel, check this film out!