The Closet

The Closet

A man spreads the rumor of his fake homosexuality with the aid of his neighbor, to prevent his imminent firing at his work.

A man spreads the rumor of his fake homosexuality with the aid of his neighbor, to prevent his imminent firing at his work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (kr) wrote: This one has all the ingredients for a stinker. That theatrical backdrop luvvie directors take terribly seriously, darling; a debut lead role for Sarah Brightman, bringing to the screen all those years of thespian experience she gained in Hot Gossip; and the presence of Richard E. Grant, patron saint of rubbish British cinema ever since his agent received the cheque for "Spiceworld" way back when. The result is actually so bad it's, well... kind of enjoyable... Menaul at least respects the music - it's two hours long, because we get the same arias belted out over and over again - even if it's no surprise that the show, after some kerfuffle, does eventually go on. Daft and dotty in the manner of many theatre people, yet equally hard to dislike, go on it does, proceeding with the credulousness of the estate's gardener ("Amazing, these opera people - they feel so deeply") through another coy post-"Mamma Mia!" strand of sexual realisation, and scenes of Grant singing opera and engaging Brightman in sex talk: "Have you ever f**ked someone who's fat?"

Linda U (ag) wrote: Good, but also kind of depressing to watch. About two men (Danny DeVito and Richard Dreyfuss) who are pretty much f***ed up salesmen who proceed to ruin each others' lives over nothing but their Cadillacs and their pride. Only after things come to a head and peak do they seem to grow as men. Worth sitting through, although it's almost two hours straight, so it takes its time.

Byron B (au) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

Charlie G (de) wrote: As in most movies in the 80's its slow to get started bit o think it's worth the wait. Great ending.

Taylor N (fr) wrote: Denzel is fun to watch but that's the best thing about this movie.

Al S (gb) wrote: A gritty and crisp serving of a thriller that`s twisty, enthralling and very entertaining. It delivers up some solid suspense and great performances from its cast. It stays true to the tradition of the old-school drifter films of the day and serves it up again like its fresh and new. A slick, brutal and sharp piece of film noir. Director, David Weaver crafts an exceptional and hard-boiled film. Samuel L. Jackson delivers a compelling and rock solid performance, it turns to be one of his best film roles in years. It truly separates him from what we have been used to seeing him in the last few years and gladly welcome him back to genre films once again. Tom Wilkonson is terrific. Luke Kirby and Ruth Negga are excellent, A real slice of Pulp Fiction that echos with Oldboy.