The Clown at Midnight

The Clown at Midnight

Seven teenagers are stalked by a murderous clown while refurbishing an old opera house.

Seven teenagers are stalked by a murderous clown while refurbishing an old opera house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Clown at Midnight torrent reviews

Bill R (us) wrote: a pretty generic story that leaves a lot to wonder what is going on. sure there is a tale behind it all but you dont get any of it until almost the end. it also isnt that scary as it brings more of a thrill feel to it. watch if you like but dont expect anything original.

Michael M (ru) wrote: I loved July's first movie to bit, so I looked really forward to this one. I had to see it twice to make sure I wasn't just tired or in a bad mood the first time I saw it. As others have said, the same qualities that were used to inject whimsy and to unify the characters in her first movie are just put on full tilt in this second movie and just distort, confuse and render meaningless most of what happens, which seems like it would have been something.

Kyle L (us) wrote: Maybe only funny for ESL teachers in Korea.

Paul A (ca) wrote: Didn't really enjoy this movie it was slow paced, the story-line wasn't that thrilling, and i thought it was quite boring. Might try watching it again some other time.

Private U (gb) wrote: Found this at the library....worst movie ever...I cant get that guy's annoying "futuristic" voice out of my head...never see this and may God have mercy on the producers.

Al H (kr) wrote: A good film to see in Halloween.

James H (it) wrote: Delightful British comedy, impressively produced and it has fine special effects. Margaret Rutherford is awesome, as she so often is. The rest of the cast is great. Good direction from David Lean. It does drag a bit and is a bit too talky but quite entertaining.

Aaron G (gb) wrote: The centerpiece of Stephen King's groundbreaking novel is the iconic prom massacre... which gets about 90 seconds of screen time in this tepid remake that gave me cinematic blue balls.

Denislav R (ag) wrote: This movie was brought to my attention because of the controversy surrounding the new Netflix show by the same name. When the trailer dropped everyone hated it... for obvious reasons. I wanted to see if there is more to it than that and watched the source material. To be honest I expected a pandering racist movie. To my utter relief this was NOT what I got. It is actually a pretty good movie, promoting one of my favourite things: conversations, and more specifically- debate. The acting is a bit wooden at times and some things in the script are very exaggerated from the truth (at least I think they are), but overall a great movie.

Jacquie V (gb) wrote: Great classic 80's film

Anthony C (kr) wrote: I didn't like the way the film was done. It was way off, not my cup of tea