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At an exclusive psychiatric clinic, the doctors and staff are about as crazy as the patients. The clinic head, Dr. Stewart McIver, thinks that it would be good therapy for his patients to design and make new drapes for the library. Mrs. Karen McIver, who is neglected by her hardworking husband (and a bit unbalanced herself), wants to make her mark on the clinic, so she orders new drapes. Miss Inch, the business manager, who has been with the clinic longer than anyone, sees this as an intrusion into her territory, and she too orders drapes. All this puts everyone in a dither, as they fight over drapes and clinic politics.

At an exclusive psychiatric clinic, the doctors and staff are about as crazy as the patients. The clinic head, Dr. Stewart McIver, thinks that it would be good therapy for his patients to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (fr) wrote: Even by basic standards, this Dolph Lundgren movie is poor. The movie starts off really good, with Dolph fighting in a street fight and then some thugs. The movie goes into treasure hunt mode but the story isn't anything special. They talk about deadly booby traps, and there is one lame booby trap in the treasure place. There's a bit of action near the end but its mostly dull. The hovering documentary style camera work is terrible and the movie is so basic it hurts. This one is one you can skip.

Yva S (de) wrote: Meandering, lacking in discernible plot, and really a waste of Thora Birch and an otherwise potentially good story (if they had built one around the basic idea instead of just spackling together a bunch of scenes).

Hossam E (ag) wrote: HELL -- when u waste ur time to see it

Misty S (br) wrote: Two stars for the bikes.

stefn birgir s (fr) wrote: A bizzare film about a monster that lives in a small village in iceland and Helen Mirren comes.

David P (nl) wrote: While no "historical" film is completely accurate, Ridley Scott's 1492: Conquest of Paradise might be the closest to the realism that Columbus endured. It is brutal and daring with power struggles between those with vision and those with ambition. Grard Depardieu gives a fantastic performance as Columbus and even looks very much like the explorer. For myself this is a beautifully visual movie that bring out a sense of justification for everyone who has an idea or dream that, if given the chance, could prove to change the world or at least improve it. For anyone who has been told "No, you can't" or "No, you should not", this movie will strike that cord.

Russ V (kr) wrote: The acting for the most part was pretty bad, but Night of the Demons was really funny and I had a lot of fun with it.

Steve W (fr) wrote: Despite a strong ending climax not much happens in this outing with Dracula. Christopher Lee is back biting people, and the townspeople cower in fear or react. They do this most of the movie until the hero does something. A rather stale entry from Hammer.

Steve M (it) wrote: Starring: Kenneth Tobey, Faith Domergue, Don Curtis, and Chuck Griffiths Director: Robert Gordon A giant octopus-like sea monster rises from the deepest canyons of the Pacific Ocean to attack experimental nuclear submarines and the San Francisco waterfront. A bit slow-moving by modern standards, this is nonetheless a fine example of the "giant sea-monster runs amok due to the radiation from atomic bomb tests" that was kicked off by "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" and "Gorjira" (aka "Godzilla"). The main attraction of the film is, of course, the rampaging creation, which is "octopus-like" because it actually only has six arms. It's not bad as far as these movies go, particularly during the sequence where it's tearing down the Golden Gate Bridge. According to movie legend, the notoriously budget-conscious producer Sam Katzman only gave animator Ray Harryhausen enough time and money to build a six-armed creature. (I suspect there are many execs at present-day Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, and Sony Pictures [formerly Columbia] who would give their right arms for someone like Katzman or Mario Bava to come back from the dead and share their methods for making good looking movies on the cheap with the current crop of big spending producers and directors.) As for the human cast, the acting and characters are typical for a 1955 sci-fi flick. The most interesting character in the film, especially considering its vintage, is Dr. Lesley Joyce, played by Faith Domergue. While early in the film she seems to be mooning over her male scientific colleague and rival early in the film, and ultimately shifts her affections to a submarine commander, unlike most women characters of this period finding a hubby and giving up her career in exchange for staying home and having kids and mixing his martinis at night. Domergue's character is strong-willed without being shrewish and career-oriented without being frigid--as her final lines of the film drive home when she puts off a romantic advance by Kenneth Tobey's naval officer by stating that they can continue when she's back from her long-time planned scientific expedition to the Nile river. Although the budgetary constraints are occasionally evident--I really think Katzman and Gordon's vision for the Golden Gate bridge sequence mixing live action actors with animated monster mayhem outstripped the money and time at their disposal--this is still a film that's well worth the time of anyone who enjoys 1950s sci-fi flicks.

Bruce B (ru) wrote: A Bela Lugosi Film, as I watched this movie I thought that this must have been early in Bela's carrer, but come to find out I was wrong, even thought it was 1936 he had already made 67 other movies, WOW and Thats a big WOW. But I should have know because in this movie he give's people those Dracula eyes and puts people under his spell, I remember seeing those eyes in the different horror movies late saturday night on Creature Feature when I was growing up. Also About 1/3 into this movie I thought this must have been a serial at one time and sure enought they took a 15 Chapter 300 Minute Serial and condensed it down into 71 Minutes, so at times movie jumps from one place to another leaving you to say what the heck. My copy came from the Mill Creek 50 Movie pack Nightmare Works and the audio was very hard to understand, I am not sure if its because it was mono on my surround sound system or if its just like that. There are many different compines putting this one on the market as I think it is like freeware. Just gotta know that no one has had the eyes of Bela, and I will always remember him playing with Abbot and Costelllo, a great movie. Hard to give anything over 2 1/2 stars as its such a early film.

Derek B (ag) wrote: I LOVE Star Trek! This film doesn't quite do it for me; while there is nothing like James Kirk, the nostalgia of the series is the valuable piece here. This film has way too many overlong ship panoramas, stretched out encounter sequences and periods of standing around. Not my favorite of the Star Trek films by far. But for any Trekkie it's a must see just on principle.

Martin S (kr) wrote: Koolhaas comes alive in the ultimate fictional fiction.

David L (es) wrote: This is certainly quite an epic film, at just under 3 hours long, but it's good enough to keep one awake throughout. Once you get past the first 60 minutes, which is a fairly long and drawn out introduction to the ring and characters backgrounds, the action levels pick up and the quest to destroy the ring that would allow evil to rule, begins. We've essentially got an A-list cast setting out on a trek across the world, encountering various different enemies along the way. In this episode we have orcs, bad wizards, and trolls looking to take out our legion of heroes, and the special effects thrown at us are nothing short of impressive. I remember this film was a direct rival to when the first instalment of Harry Potter came out, and this would probably have been my preference in that little duel. I'd say it's aimed at a slightly more mature audience, possibly more males than females, due to its inclusion of sword fights and a little blood and gore. In terms of the actual story, how a useless little band of hobbits would ever survive such a journey is beyond me, as the skilled fighters spend half their time saving the little blighters, rather than destroying the enemy. The cynical side of me knows that if the ring was in the hands of anyone else, the journey would have been a lot quicker, although one could argue they don't have the strong will of Frodo, which makes him resist being seduced by its power. Still, we are where we are, and it's a great example of fantasy coming to life on the big screen. A lot of people will be put off by this because of the running time, and will no doubt have opted to watch Harry Potter instead. However, those who have braved it will have enjoyed it, and will no doubt be glued to the sequels to see how it all pans out. I certainly will be - Forget the geeky wizard and his ginger mate, this is the real sorcery right here ;)