The Coca-Cola Case

The Coca-Cola Case

Two lawyers and labor rights' activists, Daniel Kovalik of the United Steel Workers of America and Terry Collingsworth of the International Rights Advocates, and their partner Ray Rogers of Corporate Campaign firmly believe that US multinational corporations should be held accountable for the shabby practices of their business associates throughout the world. To lead their battle, they resort to a law dating back to the origin of the American Constitution - The Alien Tort Claims Act - which allows foreigners to file suit in the U.S. against Americans who violate international laws. The film tells the story of their fight against one of America's stellar icons: the Coca-Cola company.

Two lawyers and labor rights' activists, Daniel Kovalik of the United Steel Workers of America and Terry Collingsworth of the International Rights Advocates, and their partner Ray Rogers of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Omar M (jp) wrote: It's an eye-opening film , It uplifted my emotions &it changed my perspective about life.

Iowa B (it) wrote: Of course "Zero Theorem" will not be to everyone's liking and those in need of a traditional and linear narrative are best advised to skip this one. This is no surprise for anyone familiar with Terry Gilliam, but unlike some of his later cinematic adventures, this one might actually be his best film since "12 Monkeys".Terry Gilliam was always a brilliant stylist and even his worst films had there fair share of breathtaking imagery(and some nice ideas, here and there) and one can notice that in "Zero Theorem" as well in scenes of sheer beauty and in a "Dark Side of Fellini" way of imagining our future.What makes "Zero Theorem" stand apart is that, underneath the seeming chaos, there is a very well thought out film, a film unafraid to show its "sensitive side" in scenes of great emotional power. On the other hand, the wave of complaints about this flick being to muddled, experimental, incomprehensible is unfounded. Actually, while some things about it are, indeed, eerie, the film is not difficult to get, nor is its logic too "exotic". That it is an unusual film, yes, that's true. But that's not to say is one without interest or point, for that matter. Actually, from it's very opening act, "Zero Theorem" is very firm and clear on the path it will follow and the ideas it will exhibit. Yes, those ideas as not new, but this is irrelevant: if you are looking for a new message, stop watching movies, cause no film will give you that. No film should. What this film does - and does very well, by the way - is to create the perfect world to mirror these ideas. I said before that there is a method to this seeming chaos, because the film progresses in a certain way. It starts from being noisy, frantic, surreal, but, little by little, it becomes clearer and more compelling. It mirrors its protagonist, also.I am giving max. rating and I admit it might be a bit too much, but I think cinema needs more films like this and more directors bold enough to follow their own vision, instead of listening to billboard charts, pop prizes and other things alike.My two cents: 5/5.

John Joseph M (kr) wrote: Colour, music, light and darkness. It's a love letter to Havana and a very entertaining one.

Fox S (jp) wrote: Funny Movie, not something great, but Enjoyable !

Ryan S (de) wrote: 4.5/5. One of the best exorcism movies I've seen.

Stefan G (au) wrote: This is a film that will inevitably put the viewer in a difficult position for many different reasons, though many of those reasons will involve violence. While not necessarily terrible, the story is paced quite slowly, but it seems so caught up in its orgy of relatively tame, yet quasi-sexist violence that it ends up going nowhere. The characters don't work as well as they should, and that's mainly due to the fact that the performances aren't very convincing. I think the film-makers attempted this film to have some emotional context, but the performances seem all too clinical to make any emotional impact. The film does present itself better than its written, but it looks very bland and dry, and by the end, it'll look as though they ran out of money for the special effects (as can be seen by the cheap-looking fire effects). Whether it was divisive or not, there's one thing I can certainly say one thing for sure: it was incredibly disappointing and boring, though not completely terrible.

Steph F (jp) wrote: Inspired movie with Cheryl Hines and William H. Macy who play parents of a boy who can't find a prom date.

Leah F (de) wrote: This movie is cute but it does not go with the continued first one at all.

Brad S (us) wrote: This one is silly and forgettable, but i still kinda enjoyed it. Helps if you ever watched wrestling in the 80s and 90s. For wrestling fans only!

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Jim H (nl) wrote: Was not based on the game at all. Was a rip-off of the hit gaming series.

Joel C (br) wrote: I don't care what anyone says, this movie is my 2nd favourite Friday The 13th movie it's got good kills, good gore, high body count and yeah so what if we don't see much of Jason, I love the idea that he gets blown up and his spirit goes around possessing people, so I'm gonna give this movie 2 thumbs up and 5 stars! :)

Timothy P (it) wrote: A very well put together movie filled with lots of action and Kung fu. One of the biggest accomplishments was how ip man is shown to still be gentle and noble no matter what

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