The Colonel

The Colonel

A "Reformed Colonel" is found dead in Paris, a couple of decades after Algeria's struggle for independence was won from France. Lieutenant Galois is assigned the investigation of this murder. She receives the diary of Lieutenent Guy Rossi who served under The Colonel in Algeria in 1956, and has been reported as missing in action since 1957. The revelations found in Rossi's diary go far beyond The Colonel's actions in Algeria, and give an insight on how dirty Algeria's War for Independence really was.

A "Reformed Colonel" is found dead in Paris, a couple of decades after Algeria's struggle for independence was won from France. Lieutenant Galois is assigned the investigation of this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bianca L (ru) wrote: That ending!!!!! This movie was way better than what I expected from its star rating on Netflix

Tracy F (br) wrote: I am truly speechless for once in my life.

Pavan R (us) wrote: Inspire of being sceptical ....was entertaining..

Simon D (ag) wrote: One of the more entertaining Ben Stiller comedies for quite a while. The decent, contrasting cast made a good combination.

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Tim D (mx) wrote: This isn't as funny as I hoped. The cover is misleading because Cheech and Chong are only in the movie for a couple scenes. Eric Idle and John Cleese bring their Monty Pythonish humor, which was good. But other than that, most of the jokes fall flat.

Sean K (ca) wrote: Connery seems to be sleepwalking through most of the film bringing us a mediocre Bond flick that's sure to disappoint with its forgettable execution...

Leia C (es) wrote: I loved the story and I loved Perkins in this movie, but that's it. The film quality is extremely poor, it looks like this may have been a movie that got lost in a studio vault somewhere for years, and the distributors didn't want to take the time to edit and clean it up. The sound, editing, lighting are all terrible. Other than that, I really liked this movie.

Daniel B (nl) wrote: The Triumvirate of Terror unite in this dark comedy written by Richard Matheson. Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff and Basil Rathbone star in this horror comedy. This is actually a pretty funny farce. Price plays an undertaker who finding himself in dire financial straits takes it upon himself to scare up some business. This is actually a pretty funny movie, Price is an absolute rogue in this, cold, acerbic and calculating. Peter Lorre is a bumbling and meek assistant and constant foil to Price's machinations. Karloff's turns in a pleasant performance as Price's senile Father-In-Law. Rathbone is Price's Landlord who become a target by threatening to evict Price for non-payment. The dialog is sharp and sometimes very biting to humorous effect. This a character and dialog driven film, although there are also several pratfalls that work pretty effectively. The direction and cinematography are actually quite sublime. This one is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of any of the main players, Richard Matheson or Gothic Horror.

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Jimmy C (fr) wrote: Fun, lighthearted adventure yarn.

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Giorgos T (mx) wrote: A rather entertaining movie.