The Color of Paradise

The Color of Paradise

The story revolves around a blind boy named Mohammed who is released from his special school in Tehran for summer vacation. His father, shamed and burdened by Mohammed's blindness, arrives late to pick him up and then tries to convince the headmaster to keep Mohammed over the summer. The headmaster refuses, so Mohammed's father eventually takes him home.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Persian,Azerbaijani
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:moon,   mountain,   forest,  

Mohammad, a boy at Tehran's institute for the blind, waits for his dad to pick him up for summer vacation. While waiting, he realizes a baby bird has fallen from its nest: he chases away a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam C (nl) wrote: movie was very unrealistic. ..if you like movies where you dont have to thinkthen this is for you :)

Steven M (gb) wrote: Important in its own way and incredibly disturbing all at once.

Christina G (gb) wrote: This one's only in my favourites because I had a bit part in it, but it wasn't good.

Cody C (mx) wrote: Cheesy E.C. comic style fun. A little slow, but there are a few great scenes. Definitely one to check out if you're a fan of the genre. One of the things I absolutely love about this movie is its enthusiastic use of the color purple. Purple is a really underrated color. Not many movies utilize it. This one does so more than any other I can think of.

Millo T (it) wrote: Gena Rowlands is the great reason for this movie. If not, only a 2.5 star one.

Reece L (it) wrote: Although simplistic in its allegorical musings on the nature of social class, Fantastic Planet has enough visually psychedelic moments of weirdness to make it an amusing, albeit slight, piece of animated filmmaking.

Eric E (mx) wrote: When originally released this film was over 3 hours long, and opened to disastrous reviews. Took Capra over 2 years to make, and then was shortened and chopped to versions 95 to 120 minutes long. The "restored version" tries to keep intact as much as the original, and still seems lengthy, in this odd but intriguing film. Idealistic in its presentation, falls just short of being a classic.

Senor C (nl) wrote: George Kennedy puts a pose together to help some Mexicans and I must say these Mexicans get treated fairly poorly; they're dragged by horses, hung on telephone poles & buried up to their heads & trampled to death. It's up to the (not so) Magnificent 7 plus about 20 farmers to go 27 against 200 to save the Mexican prisoners & a revolutionary leader. Even though these are insurmountable odds the Magnificent 7 prevail the impossible most of them are gunned down so this is not completely preposterous..just partially

Matt B (mx) wrote: Promising film with an interesting premise, taxed by an unwanted, unconvincing and uninteresting ending.

Charlie D (nl) wrote: Pretty good but some parts didn't make sense and were a little boring