The Color of the Clouds

The Color of the Clouds

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Laura M (ca) wrote: The information presentation was good, but the production was plagued by sound mixing issues and text that was hard to read on a TV screen.

Andrew S (nl) wrote: Every now and then, a feature film is released which contains not one, two, or three themes, but a multitude of layers which the viewer may delve into and peel away, should they choose to ponder, discuss, and/or re-watch the film in order to gain a deeper understanding of not just the story, but of themselves. Her is one of those films. Upon first viewing, I found myself still taking in the concepts of the story weeks after viewing, wondering several questions which I took great joy in answering for myself: Being that there are three major female characters, who exactly is "her"? Why do I identify so well with with almost every character in at least one way? How can such an odd and purely fictional story leave me feeling both immensely happy as well as somewhat sad? On the surface, Spike Jonze delivers a love story unlike any we've ever seen, integrating technology and self-perception as key thematic elements which frame the story and its events. But if you look closer, there are finer points to be found, which include show-don't-tell commentaries on how "being connected" in a new way can create a whole new kind of disconnect (and not just by way of technology, but in understanding), the relationship between humans and nature, a person and themselves, as well as the nature of consciousness and what it means to be, to live, and to understand the world (a la Alan Watts, which if you don't know who he his, watch this, then read his work called The Book). Jonze introduces a number of concepts which are explored in full and tie into problems both new and familiar to the viewer, creating a cohesive and believable story that accurately portrays the roller coaster of emotions we all go through, particularly when relationships are the strongest motivators for those emotions. Her is one of the most intelligent, well written, thoughtful, and simply beautiful stories to grace the silver screen in the past several decades, and few films of any genre, past or forthcoming, will be able to compare. No matter your age or life experiences, there's something here for everyone, and that's what makes Her so accessible, that the largest theme which ties the movie together also evokes the mixed emotions left in the viewer after watching: we all experience love, sadness, joy, and isolation, and we all have to deal with it, together and, sometimes, alone.

krupa p (ru) wrote: not bad, bit cheesy lol

James C (ag) wrote: Six school friends are reunited at a funeral where they are left instructions that uncovers a deadly secret from their past.Another entry in the new-wave school of horror movie making that as with a lot of others is very pleasing to the eye, but is sadly lacking in substance. The story is a mish-mash of elements that you have seen in other movies that leads up to a very abrupt, confusing and ultimately unsatisfying finale. The gore is particularly bloodless and a majority is done 'off screen'. The acting is quite good with some solid performances from the cast. The production values are very high and the small cast and locations are all shot incredibly well. The plot has some interesting ideas that could have been explored further, making for something that could have been quite disturbing, but instead it veers into (as mentioned above) familiar territory. In the end, this movie is ok, but there are better examples out there.

Dallas S (jp) wrote: This film was no where near compelling enough to watch until the end.

Bruno V (us) wrote: Entertaintmentvalue high , not really horror but Fun and Suspence for me . Let's get this fucking snakes of this fucking plane ....SOMDVD

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (au) wrote: well don't remember much of this one, but well, I think it was pretty good xD

Melissa Y (ru) wrote: It was OK but I think it could have a better ending...

Gemma F (jp) wrote: Is this "good", per se? Not really, but it's sort of amazing it even exists. That's why my friends and I once named an award for no-budget film production after it.

Sandy K (mx) wrote: One of our favorite movies -- especially at Christmas time.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Mike Judge's directorial debut Office Space is a surprisingly hilarious classic that would be remembered for a very long time. Ron Livingston is pretty good and funny in it, and so are the other actors. With one of the characters named Michael Bolton, it can obviously lead to being annoying and a gimmick, but the way they handled it, it was very well done and can get some laughs out of it. The characters are very memorable, especially Milton who seems all sweet and innocent until when someone messes with him, he starts getting dark thoughts which is pretty funny. The script is very witty, and it give some memorable lines. The jokes are very funny, and it shows about what's it like to work in a office with careless bosses and some annoying co-workers. The plot kind of feels like a bit of an excuse to show sketches, but it's effective to know that most of them work, and the movie succeed at making a very funny film out of it.

Johnny L (de) wrote: Everyone loves this classic baseball flick, but I find it lacking.

Jonathan W (ru) wrote: A clever and funny take on one of fiction's most well-known icons that delivered throughout. Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine synch perfectly together, their characters lost without one another. I can only wonder why they never made a sequel.

Michael T (gb) wrote: Marvelous Disney animation tied to an uneven storyline; one of the most 'psychedelic' of the Disney films with a good musical score that includes the Oscar-nominated song "You Belong to My Heart."