The Confidant

The Confidant

The feature weaves an intricate tale about childhood best-friends that have an unusually strong bond and a more intriguing secret. Both young men are on the right path to promising futures, a first round NFL draft pick, and a talented art major on a full scholarship. A complicated web of lies, gambling, murder and a pact between friends sends an innocent friend to prison and the other to fame. After spending eleven years in prison, the innocent comes to collect a debt and is determined to have the life he was promised... by any means necessary.

The feature weaves an intricate tale about childhood best-friends that have an unusually strong bond and a more intriguing secret. Both young men are on the right path to promising futures,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vrettos L (ru) wrote: Mind numbingly dull and uninspired, terrible character development, full of factual errors.

Michael J (fr) wrote: Silly action scenes with moments in the film when I wonder, "why?"

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Tropic Thunder is directed and co-written by Ben Stiller, and it stars Ben Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr., Jack Black, Jay Baruchel, Brandon T. Jackson, and Tom Cruise in a satirical comedy film about a group of actors that are in the danger zone because they were hard to work with in the set, and when a mistake happened that cause the director to not be there, the actors think that they are still in a movie, not realizing that they have to go up against real soldiers. I think in comparisons to other Ben Stiller directed films, Tropic Thunder is probably his funniest one so far. The cast in this are fantastic, the best ones being Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Cruise. When I first saw Robert Downey Jr. in this when I was in my pre-teens, it went over my head that he was playing a character that is blackface, and when I see it again, I was a bit shocked at it, and it's one of those aspects that can either be really funny, or really offensive, in this though, Robert Downey Jr. played it very naturally that he really pulled it off as a method actor that had to play that type of character. Tom Cruise plays it over the top which is something that I never quite seen from him, but it is hilarious to watch and I would like to see this type of character again from Tom Cruise. The humor in this is top notch, it doesn't mess around and goes all out about with tons of hilarious jokes. The satire in it has a lot of bite in it that surprisingly worked for me, and the characters are very memorable in it that every character has a comedic part, even the small parts. The action scenes are done in an entertaining and funny way, and the writing has a lot of good lines that are still famous to this day. The interplay between the actors is hilarious also that I would just hear the conversation for an hour and would still laugh at what they are talking about. Tropic Thunder is one of the funniest movies that I've seen in a long time, and I definitely would go back to it to watch it again.

Jacob W (kr) wrote: I stumbled upon this film and watched because of Wilson's presence. It's got some laughs and aims to be something worth watching, but fails to do so. You could find much worse however. (57%)

Anne A (ru) wrote: It was different seeing a different actress playing Marnie but Sara Paxton did a really good job. It was one of the best ones i believe and i enjoyed it alot. There is much more magic in it!

Robbie N (us) wrote: Madagascar is interesting enough, but it relies heavily on slapstick humor. I'm a big fan of Ben Stiller, but this movie just didn't make the cut. A few laughs, and interesting scenes are really all to it...

Ben L (jp) wrote: I think Infernal Affairs just won the title as my absolute favorite foreign language film. This story is easily one of the most fascinating I can remember. The idea of an undercover cop working with the mob and an undercover mob informer working with the police is pure brilliance. Every single scene in this movie is loaded with tension, and you're constantly wondering who will be unmasked first. Even a scene between a husband and wife moving into their new home has some deeper complexity to it because of the truth that we know about the husband's character. I was positively riveted, and couldn't look away from this film (and not just because I had to read the subtitles.) There are emotional moments, a lot of intrigue, and plot twists that seemingly never stop. I can't remember the last time I watched a movie and literally had no idea how each scene would end. It felt like anything could happen in this movie. The actors were all spectacular, particularly the 2 leads playing Lau and Yan. Their internal conflict was obvious in every scene, and yet you could see why they would be trusted by their superiors. I'm going to look like a jerk here but I have to admit, if I understood Cantonese I think this would be a perfect film that I would rank extremely high and watch again and again. Yet there's just something about reading subtitles while I'm trying to enjoy a movie that makes it a less enjoyable experience. Yes I know, I'm an uncultured American and I need to get over myself, but I just can't help it. Still, that's literally the only complaint I have about the film. If you have not seen Infernal Affairs this is a must-watch. I cannot say any more without spoiling the excellent plot, I'd just recommend you give it a shot as soon as possible.

Jacob B (es) wrote: Not so great... kind of predictable.

Troy A (kr) wrote: American Dad made an episode based off this film. It was hilarious! This movie is OK.

Greg S (it) wrote: An old man (Fernando Rey) becomes obsessed with an beautiful orphan girl (Catherine Denueve) whom he adopts; she leaves him but returns when she loses her leg. All of Luis Bunuel's usual intelligence and obsessiveness is on display here, but there's little passion or magic in this melodrama that's only slightly twisted. TRISTANA serves as a breather between the masterpieces BELLE DE JOUR and DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE.

Nina S (kr) wrote: Ei kyll mikn paras versio..

Nikki D (ru) wrote: Hilariously bad. The effects are awful but it's good for a few huge laughs!

Konrad A (ru) wrote: Robin Williams has done it again what a great movie and a good Comedy that will make you laugh hard!!!a great movie to see!!

Lea B (br) wrote: A movie that is fun and entertaining, and also being the FIRST Disney movie to prove ladies can save the day too.

Stephen S (it) wrote: when i saw this as coming soon i recognised the title and realised it is available to watch on Netflix UK so sat down and watched it and found it t be a very enjoyable film at 1 hourand 50 minutes. Available with Japanese language and english subtitles or English language. If you like your japanese anime and sci-fi rhis film is well worth watching.