The Conservatory

The Conservatory

Liv returns to her childhood home - a rundown mansion - after the death of her father. There are mysterious...

Liv returns to her childhood home - a rundown mansion - after the death of her father. There are mysterious circumstances surrounding his passing and Liv starts to suspect that her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chayc (es) wrote: Doesn't really have any heft to it. Both of the main leads moved on to better tv roles.

Brooke S (ru) wrote: Boring boring boring... had one of those twist endings that made me feel more cheated than satisfied. The acting by the main girl was also pretty wretched in most scenes.


Justin K (it) wrote: different movie kept me interrested throughout

Alaa K (kr) wrote: Are u kidding me - this movie only got 2 stars. This movie is by far one of woody allen's best movies. It's better than both match point and night in Paris combined. It's one of the best written movies since goodfellas n raging bull era. Each character from Jason Biggs to Christina Ricci to Danny Devito and especially woody Allen gave one of his/her best performances ever. Every time I watch this movie I truly appreciate what a true genius Woody Allen is.

Ksenya E (us) wrote: The movie transpires some of the mood of Arena's stories. Recommend.

Private U (fr) wrote: More quality action...

Joel P (kr) wrote: Watch for the Vonnegut cameo!

Noah S (ca) wrote: A well written screenplay and great performances, but is it a crime to ask for more? I know, I know, that's the way the cookie crumbles ...

Leigh H (nl) wrote: I grew up on this, love the chemistry between the leads, and that song Love Touch by Rod Stewart is so good.

Richard D (nl) wrote: It starts off promising and then quickly loses steam. The film has all the right parts, but I don't think they tried hard enough to put it together. The vill

Sean C (jp) wrote: Would have made for a pretty fine episode of Star Trek... Update: I just found out that it basically did.

Evan L (nl) wrote: One of my biggest guilty pleasures. It's amazing.

Robert B (jp) wrote: Safe is a great film for those who enjoy character studies and have an interest in psychology and/or social issues. The style of film is observational, we focus on the lead and witness her struggle against her environment. Whether the environment is natural, artificial, or social is open to question. The film feels, overall, very much open with nuanced performances. It requires some amount of speculative reading into things on the part of the viewer, though I find that interesting. Safe is a slow, but engaging, film with a powerful ending.

Millo T (au) wrote: Robert Redford has a special quality to find good stories in the past and look to them in a new perspective. Close to 3.5.