The Contest: To the Stars and Back

The Contest: To the Stars and Back


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The Contest: To the Stars and Back torrent reviews

Myriane B (mx) wrote: Trs joli! Sur fond de dsastre.

Arael L (jp) wrote: It was alright and fills the need for a simple teenage-hero movie.

Clover R (ag) wrote: Metaphoric imagery improvement over 12 Angry Men, which is still a must see classic!

elsie g (nl) wrote: well look at that...

maddie r (it) wrote: sooooo/ funny and a great xmas movie. i enjoyed it very much

Colin F (nl) wrote: Potential wasted, but see it anyway.

Eric H (br) wrote: David Cronenberg has a very distinct style, and the government should spare no expense to keep him away from all experiments involving genetic engineering. eXistenZ, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law is a very well crafted, and I think much more realistic, view of the implications of virtual reality than the special-effects laden The Matrix. Don't get me wrong The Matrix is a blast, but eXistenZ is much more near-fetched. It is a world that could exist if a) we perfect a neural-tap form of virtual reality interface, b) Infocom (makers of such computer adventure games as Zork) gets back in the gaming business, and c) they decide to hire David Cronenberg as their chief game designer. For anyone who hasn't seen Cronenberg's work, this movie is a good introduction. It gives you a taste of the universe of The Naked Lunch without the suspicion that someone slipped peyote buttons onto your pizza. It gives you a hint of the erotica found in Crash without the worry that someone normal is going to walk into the room and say "What the *hell* are you watching?!"

Jill R (nl) wrote: My absolute favorite ghost story of all time! Funny, sad, and scary all in one! I watch it every Halloween, and sometimes, I watch it because I miss the characters, and want to be in their world for awhile!

Marty G (kr) wrote: So what does it mean that I just went to a double feature of two movies I've seen a dozen times, I'm not that crazy about, and that I have on DVD?

Jeff L (es) wrote: They were onto something.

Deena D (gb) wrote: Min ghabawto makameltohosh...Big YUCK!

Nelson P (ca) wrote: It's kind of impossible to not enjoy this on some kind of level, but that doesn't change the fact its incredibly corny and cliched. It's kind of in the middle of "Near Dark" and "Lost Boys" with a full fledged cast of WB stars.