The Cook

The Cook

Over a long holiday weekend, unable to escape the confines of their sorority house, a handful of unsuspecting girls are left behind to enjoy the quiet sanctuary. The normal house staff has taken off for the weekend, leaving the girls to fend for themselves. Thankfully someone was kind enough to send them a temporary replacement chef to cook their meals.

Over a long holiday weekend, unable to escape the confines of their sorority house, a handful of unsuspecting girls are left behind to enjoy the quiet sanctuary. The normal house staff has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon C (gb) wrote: this is truly one of the more magnificent incarnations of the Man of Steel universeSuperman and SuperGirl come face to face with one of their greatest enemies, Brainiache is part flesh, part machine and only seeks to gain all the knowledge of the universemeanwhile Clark is having issues of his own with his cousin Kara and girlfriend, Lois Lane trying to balance a normal life while also saving the world on a daily basisyou actually feel some rather genuine emotion from Kara; it's not heavy-handed it's actually rather decently delivered in that you understand what was robbed from her heritage as a small child seeing her home taken away from herthe plot is very much action-oriented especially when Superman has to fight constant drone robots created by Brainiac who uses his intellect as his weapon yet this is a masterfully animated comic book flick that isn't the bargain bin home-video line-upand they deliver a good message about not being able to control all living things; not all technology can replace what's really alive no matter how advanced it may seem to beand having so much information inside our minds is enough to drive us insaneyes it's very short but remains enjoyable very often

Adam R (ag) wrote: Poorly constructed. The movie is split into a few different stories that have nothing to do with each other. It didn't make sense to me and I didn't care for it. (First and only viewing - 6/19/2013)

Arturo P (ru) wrote: 'Geek Charming' has all the dialogue of our era but sets the bar as an old school movie. Combining 2 different decades to make one fantastic movie.

eka a (es) wrote: now i know, Daniel Craig is not to be blame for it... he isn't guilty i don't like new James Bond... i thought he was bad actor and that was a reason... now i'm sure in his acting technique:)))

Matthew L (ru) wrote: Hereafter is a boring and taxing film that will definitely have viewers walking out before the half time.

Andrea S (au) wrote: typical far fetched hero crap

Zachary L (au) wrote: An interesting sequel to 2002's Public Enemy features some of the same actors playing different characters, while the film share some of the same overarching themes as the original. Sul Kyung-Ku plays a public prosecutor in this film, a sharp contrast to the off-the-handle cop he played in the first. This sets the tone for the film with far less action than the first, which initially discouraged me as I was watching this. However, the common themes make up for the lack of action as this is more of a cerebral action as the prosecutor seeks to bring down a corrupt man whom he knows committed a crime (just like in Public Enemy 1). The themes are very relevant to modern times as these are public figures who use their power and money to get their way, while the law-abiding citizens are bound by these very laws and can't touch them. In the end, the prosecutors fly in the face of danger and put it all out on the line to finally take down Han Sang-Woo (Jeong Jun-Ho). A little long at almost 2 and a half hours but ultimately satisfying in the end. I enjoyed the original more but this one delivers with it's themes of good vs corruption.

Mitchell B (ru) wrote: This movie was my childhood :)

aidan M (es) wrote: got it on DVD just have not seen it yet

Derek J (br) wrote: Little Orphan Annie meets Night of the Hunter.... The swamp as evil creeping organism! Swallow me whole, swamp-entity!