The Core

The Core

Geophysicist Dr. Josh Keyes discovers that an unknown force has caused the earth's inner core to stop rotating. With the planet's magnetic field rapidly deteriorating, our atmosphere literally starts to come apart at the seams with catastrophic consequences. To resolve the crisis, Keyes, along with a team of the world's most gifted scientists, travel into the earth's core. Their mission: detonate a device that will reactivate the core.

The Earth';;s core has stopped spinning. A team has to drill to the center of the Earth and set off a series of nuclear explosions in order to restart the rotation of the Earth';;s core or Mankind will perish. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karungari G (br) wrote: I couldn't stop laughing. Brap to richard Campbell n Adam deacan

Anita H (ru) wrote: It's ok Luke Goss is in it has still got It looking good

Dathan R (ca) wrote: characterization was dragged out big time to avoid any big spoilers and as the information box hints, eventually you stop connecting with the nine in the room and ironically you start to connect with the killer. ending was memorable but probably not one you will like. however this claustrophobic thriller has its moments and avoids from being absolutely terrible. No way this is going to be remembered as original or amazing, but I would watch it again some day, maybe show a friend and get their opinion as well.

Jed D (kr) wrote: "Still, my favourite film of the genre." Creature feature lovers, will no doubt, enjoy this action packed, syfy-esque adventure. I know I did.

Brett H (au) wrote: Wolfgang Petersen's violent and large-scale adaptation of Homer's, The Iliad, is an entertaining piece of sword-and-sandals popcorn entertainment with an A-list cast, fantastic production values, and amazing fight choreography that will certainly astonish. The film chronicles the Greek assault against the Trojans holed up in the massive city of Troy; as we follow Greece's mightiest warrior, Achilles, played with god-like conviction from Brad Pitt who trained for six months to get the ideal body figure. Also starring is Brian Cox as the ruthless leader, Agamemnon, and Eric Bana as Troy's deadliest fighter, Hector, whose one-on-one battle with Achilles near the end of the film is one of the all-time best sword fights I've ever seen, with the two actors performing their own stunts and choreography. Rounding out the cast; Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger star as Paris and Helen Of Sparta (eventually Troy) who are secretly having an affair and after eloping together, her vengeful husband, Menelaus, seeks to reclaim her and take down the Trojans for their betrayal. The film isn't entirely accurate in its adaptation of the epic Homer poem, nor actual history, and certain events and fates of characters don't line up, but you can forgive all that as this is clearly a condensed version of what took place. It's a bloody, epic, and highly enjoyable war film that succeeds largely thanks to the solid casting and big-budget thrills and for me, the nearly 3-hour runtime flew by!

MF J (us) wrote: A really tensed & greatly written thriller. Wonderful cast, amazing ambiance....everything here is reunited to make a great film.

Danny O (au) wrote: Harrowing, strong, emotional, this is a tragic story with no happy ending. It pained me to see it due to its harsh reality that it is based on but it should be seen so people know how hard these kids have got it and the people who take advantage of them. Sad

Blake P (fr) wrote: In 1984, Prince was only getting started. He was hot off the success of 1982's "1999," whose multiple hit singles catapulted him into stardom as one of rock's most versatile (and most mysterious) performers. An artist in his shoes would simply capitalize on recent triumph and outdo themselves with their next release, hoping audiences would continue on their musical journey with them. But Prince, the founder of Minneapolis sound and an icon of stylistic androgyny, was not your typical musician. With hopeful music executives by his side, a band of amateur filmmakers and actors was strung together to make a movie supplementing his subsequent album, "Purple Rain" (1984). Resulting is a sonically electric, if dramatically stale, musical drama unforgettable in its vision. Prince, then twenty-six, stars as The Kid, a young, troubled Minneapolis musician trying to make it in the music industry. With a slot at the famed First Avenue nightclub, he's destined for superstardom - but with an unstable home life (his father is a drunken abuser) and a tense relationship with his bandmates (guitar player and keyboardist Wendy and Lisa are frustrated by his refusal to take their solo work seriously), there's a good chance that he might derail a rewarding future before it can come to him. Rivalry comes in the form of Morris Day (playing a fictionalized version of himself), a charismatic showman taking up another spot at First Avenue, and romantic interest is embodied by Apollonia (also playing a fictionalized version of herself), a hopeful torch singer possessing looks that could kill a man. So it's a problem when Day oversteps his bounds and threatens to steal Apollonia away from The Kid - the latter, much as we love him, isn't so levelheaded when confronted with jealousy. Fortunately, his musical responses to his setbacks are explosive. As a child of the 2000s, one can say that my love for Prince is entirely different from that of your hip father in his fifties. A music lover whose fanaticism over the Purple One has lasted only for a reasonably brief amount of time (I've inherited most of his catalogue through my enthusiastic dad who'd rather not think about Prince's defiant 1990s), indulging myself in his best music has been a central part of my life. And yet, viewing his iconic "Purple Rain" has escaped me for years. Upon hearing of his tragic death a little over a week ago, I've been feeling empty and unappreciative, as if I didn't quite treasure him enough while he was alive. I'm sure the majority of his fans feel that way, too - most thought we'd have him long into his 90s, still playing knockout shows around the time retirement home living would have been more suitable. Seeing him live was on my bucket list; I want to kick myself for not attending a concert and having an out-of-body experience in the process, but, once again, the opportunity never came to me. All I can do, for now, is surround myself in his music, his few interviews, his recorded live performances, and "Purple Rain." Though he had a brief film career in the 1980s (he disastrously directed and starred in Old Hollywood homage "Under the Cherry Moon," "Purple Rain" semi-sequel "Graffiti Bridge," and headlined a concert movie revolving around his "Sign o' the Times" tour), "Purple Rain" remains to be his crowning cinematic achievement. A typical show business drama carrying the sweet scent of moviemaking inexperience (sorry Albert Magnoli), it avoids delving into so-bad-it's-good-territory by depending enormously on Prince's spiritual duende, and by wisely spending more time with musical sequences than with dramatic ones. I'm iffy regarding its theatrics - The Kid's tragic home life is more contrived than anything you'd see in a typical TV-movie-of-the-week, and his relationship with Apollonia is developed hastily and thinly - but the overarching ambience of "Purple Rain" made me forget to think about my many inhibitions. It's much too lovable for skepticism. It has, in no doubt, dated in the thirty some years since its release, and it has, if anything, become a cultural artifact rather than an ageless mini-masterpiece akin to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975). But we can also feel the abundance of feelings audiences of 1984 did while watching "Purple Rain" for the first time, most notably the feeling of being overcome with an affection for Prince. It's like we're discovering him all over again, becoming as new as he was to most at the time. And in some ways, its campiness and assemblage of dmod hairstyles and outfits has made it better; experiencing the sense of being transported to a completely different time is intoxicating and, dare I say it, fun. So while "Purple Rain" is pretty bad - nobody in it can really act, the writing and directing amateur at best - it's a good kind of bad, nostalgic and good-natured and passionate and sometimes thrilling. The soundtrack is stupendous, Prince a great presence. Kotero is lovely, and Day is an effective bad guy, if you can even call him that. The climactic rendition of the titular song is almost religiously potent. In response, I can't give "Purple Rain" a failing grade, or even an average one: I loved it, despite its shallow dramatics. Extreme bias sat on my shoulder throughout viewing, and I've been devoted to its soundtrack for years. But anyone buying a ticket to see the film in theaters again all these years later undoubtedly feels the same way. One doesn't just like Prince; there's a special kind of love for him that latches onto a part of the soul, never to unhook. I miss him terribly. But what an amazing legacy he's left behind.

Fero B (fr) wrote: Superb! Nana's acting, direction and the script.

Daniel Y (es) wrote: Beetlejuice is a brilliant mess that packs charm, great performances, especially from Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, and a different but appealing style that will please any movie goer and especially any Tim Burton fans. This movie, in my opinion, was where you started to get to know Burton's style and realise that of his name is on the cover it's going to be weird and different but in a good way.

Jason M (ru) wrote: I'm in Love with A Church Girl October 18Initial Reaction: Really?Main Characters Miles Montego: He's a businessman played by Jeff "Ja Rule" Atkins. Vanessa Leon: She's that church girl played by Adrienne BailonPlot Summary This film is about how Miles and Vanessa meet at some party, get really friendly, then go on a romantic journey over several months. Along the way, she tries to get him to accept God into his life. But life isn't so good for Miles; the DEA thinks he and his friends are drug dealers - and they spend a lot of time trying to prove their case. And God has a few plans for Miles that will really shake his life to the core.SCORINGMain Characters I know what they're going for - a true romantic flick where the couple really do fall in love with each other. But I got bored after seeing them be nice to each other for the first hour or so - I was hoping some sort of interesting conflict would arise and test their love for each other. But that doesn't happen. SCORE: 2Supporting Cast Everyone else in the film is too nice and accommodating; it takes about an hour or more for a character to bring conflict into the movie - and by then, I just lost interest. I really didn't care if Miles' friends get busted or not. SCORE: 1Plot Need I say it? The conflict in the film for the first hour is lacking, so they had to drop in huge surprises that come out of nowhere in the second hour (someone gets involved in and accident, someone ends up with a deadly disease, she sees him with another woman.) What's even worse is that these conflicts don't do much to the main story; they show up, then ten minutes later, they vanish, sending me back to the boring scenes with the two of them dating each other. SCORE: 1Originality This film tries to be different in showing how two people can fall in love with each other, but - you guess it - lack in intensity or conflict. SCORE: 2Violence Factor In order to boost the conflict, there is a stand off when one of Miles' friends gets involved in a physical confrontation with a bunch of strangers. I was hoping for something to come out of that, but ten minutes later, it passes by with no real effect on the main plot. SCORE: 1Other Moral Issues Watching this film makes me feel like I'm stuck at church on Sunday. All this preaching and quoting from the Bible really turns me off because I want to be entertained - not enlightened. Besides, the main love story just goes on for far too long. I was just waiting for them to realize they were meant for each other, get hitched and get the film over with - instead of dragging it out for almost two hours. SCORE: 1Final Score (out of 60): 8 % Score: 13.33%They didn't need two hours to show me that he's in love with a church girl - they could've done this film in about forty minutes.