The Creation of the Humanoids

The Creation of the Humanoids

Many years after a nuclear war destroyed much of human kind, the survivors have created a new society where much of the work done by artificial beings referred to derisively by humans as "clickers". Humans are producing fewer and fewer children and are less than a year away from having more artificial beings than humans. Most vociferous about the evolving situation is the Order of Flesh and Blood, an organization that is out to ensure that humans remain dominant. Among them is Capt. Kenneth Cragis who becomes very concerned that his sister Esme has formed a relationship with one of the artificial beings. He quickly forms a close relationship with Esme's friend Maxine Megan. Soon, they learn a great secret that affects them both directly.

In a post holocaust society, robots take it on their own to help the dying human race by giving them android bodies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan C (de) wrote: Holy crap....I Dont know where to start.....this movie is just terrific on every side....great acting great action great special effects....I just can't stop raving about it....and I Dont get why people say the human characters were bad actors...sure the apes were much more interesting and they were acting in the shadow of serkis and kebbell....anyway Matt reeves I cannot congratulate you enough you have just made me my favorite movie of all time.

Bec E (au) wrote: Olivia Newton-John is the only good thing in this film. She is hilarious.

Existen Z (nl) wrote: Street art is a form I used to pay more attention to before I completely ran out of the level of free time needed to follow it. The documentary is valuable in the themes it discusses and the wide variety of artists it involves. There are graffiti artists from North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia (I can't remember whether or not there were Aussies). The variety of styles presented from around the world is worth the view.The documentary will fall flat for many because the interviews are similarly structured so it gets repetitive quickly. The historical background gets little mention and the way that its presented will leave the viewer with a false impression about the very complex history of street art/graffiti. Also the documentary focuses almost exclusively on tagging and bombing while the true street artists are given very little attention. This is not a film that gets into the aesthetics of graffiti. It doesn't bother to distinguish between the slop some punk from the ghetto tosses on a wall in a few seconds and the aesthetically virtuous works that are a part of the evolving history of fine art (e.g. Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Blek le Rat, Elbowtoe, Judith Supine, Swoon, etc.).

Tawn S (kr) wrote: Okay, let's be really clear, I'm no expert in movies, I have nothing to do with the entertainment industry, except as a consumer. I'm a substitute teacher, have a BA in English Lit. I worked at a movie theater all through high school, and a video store through college. Keep those things in mind as you read my reviews....they are simply my own opinions and feelings about the film. While She Was Out was a great, trashy B-movie, and I liked it. I love movies like these. I liked how the mall was so packed she couldn't get a spot, but she comes out after making 1 purchase and doing a little browsing, and the place is a ghost town. The bad guys were so funny. Of course they had a token black kid....who was wearing a t-shirt saying African American on it. The whole idea of her running through the woods with a bright red toolbox, and these stupid kids chasing was nuts! I laughed my ass off at the part wear they smell her perfume, and get in a fight over whether it's Chanel #5 or some other designer scent....OMG...ROTFLMAO!!!! That said, I love Kim, I llike the ending, it kept me entertained, and I enjoy watching it-and have quite a few times. If you like B movies, give it a shot..if not steer clear.

Spencer P (it) wrote: Balancing Ray Charles' creative talents and personal faults, Jamie Fox paints a vivid and intoxocating portrayal of a blind man who dreamt, succeeded, fell, and came back.

Aaron L (au) wrote: Finally, an Arab movie that doesn't resort to Arab stereotyping--probably in part that it plays more like a Middle Eastern version of a teen comedy, a la American Pie, except with more heart and mature humanity than the Jason Biggs, Stiflers of the world!**the one scene where our protagonist gives his blunt opinions on Islamic, morning broadcast prayers!

Kendra J (au) wrote: I never can make up my mind what I think of Francois Truffaut. I feel compelled to watch his films for some reason, and they always seem to stick with me, but I'm never sure whether I liked them or not. "L'Argent de Poche" is the first of Truffaut's films that I can say without a doubt that I really enjoyed. "L'Argent de Poche" (Pocket Money) follows a small group of French children living in the mid-seventies through various small vignettes and adventures. All the children appear to have been amateurs and none seemed to have continued careers in cinema. The lack of experience of the child actors does not hinder their performances in this film, rather I think it enhances it. There is a genuineness to the actions and dialogue of the children that really shines through over the course of the film.There is only one moment where Truffaut abandons realism for a fairy tale ending which I think detracts a bit from the overall atmosphere of the film. That small moment aside, the film shows a wonderful little snapshot of what life might have been like to be a child in France in the mid-seventies, without the usual sugar-coated treatment that one usually finds in movies about children.

Chip H (au) wrote: not a great film but there are some funny moments.

Daryl (ca) wrote: theres nothing funny about Barbra Streisand

Mike V (de) wrote: Another classic from my childhood. A must see family program.

Byron B (fr) wrote: won recognition as a best picture by NBR

Argie C (fr) wrote: Understated and true to life. A great movie.

Pavan R (it) wrote: A good watch. An interesting story with some good performances. The theme at times seems to get lost especially when they're introducing the philosophical elements.