The Creature Walks Among Us

The Creature Walks Among Us

The third film in The "Creature From The Black Lagoon" franchise sees the Gill Man turned into an air-breather by a mad scientist.

In this third Gill-Man feature, the Creature is captured and turned into an air-breather by a rich mad scientist. This makes the Creature very unhappy, and he escapes, killing people and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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La P (fr) wrote: Compared to Jesus Camp that one was almost funny...However, I thought it lacked a bit... They should have shown and questioned more people coming out of this house of bs.

Bro Marc R (ag) wrote: Excellent coming of age movie. Worth listening to the producers comments audio on DVD

Jim H (es) wrote: Likable but overly antiseptic comedy. Yes, the lead actor is from motion pictures, but the overwhelming majority of the rest of the cast is from TV, and that's exactly the way this feels. Like a TV sitcom. One that probably lasted just a touch too long to make this a higher rating.

Coxxie M (ca) wrote: ehh.... it aint no American pie: naked mile, dats da trufe.

Michael D (ru) wrote: Odd, disjointed and at times Brechtian tale of a young woman wandering through the French countryside and the various trials she endures on her journey to an early grave. Stark and effective.

Magali V (de) wrote: L'inspiration de Requiem.?a fait rflchir...

Lenard K (us) wrote: Eccentric siblings are a danger to themselves and others. This movie would have made more of an impression on me if I hadn't seen House of Yes a couple of years earlier.

Tim W (nl) wrote: It really loses its magic when we know movies are so very fake. If it was a live performance sure but its just too easy. Kind of boring, Catch Me If You Can meets Oceans 11 meets The Illusionist. Cardboard cutout characters. Kind of neat but I'm not sure what the tone was supposed to be. Ending was too long. I already forgot it.