The Crimes of Stephen Hawke

The Crimes of Stephen Hawke

The film begins in a BBC studio with the 100th edition of "In Town Tonight". Flotsam and Jetsom open with a "topical number". Then there is an interview with a distinguished actor, which dissolves into a performance of one of his famous melodramas about a wicked moneylender etc.

A crazed killer known as "The Spinebreaker" is terrorizing London with a series of grisly murders. The police seem powerless to stop him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip O (it) wrote: Meet some of the folks who DID invent the Internet. Meet some of the folks skilled at protecting--and exploiting--it. Meet some new fears. Will a computer ever be able to make movies as well as Herzog? We shall see. Nuthin' fancy about this one, but come with your thinking cap on.

Kamisha G (ag) wrote: S (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) G (C) (C) (C) (C)DDDD

Noman S (gb) wrote: Damn it was funny.........

Christopher S (br) wrote: What if David Gordon Green had directed Garden State? It probably would have been something like this. Fused with American Gothic charm and beautiful photography the film fails to make the grade. Tim Orr is the star here as the movie plays like a two hour cinematography showreel. Still, I'm interested in whatever Mark Milgard does next.

Chris P (au) wrote: The best football film ever made, hilarious

Michael C (au) wrote: Forget James Bond, Austin Powers. Undercover Bro is the best spy comedy ever!

Jacquelyn K (nl) wrote: Don't judge it--the story is touching overall and the ending is not predictable. I love this movie.

Avinash V (nl) wrote: horrible doesn't even deserve a half star...omg

Jeff B (ca) wrote: Excellent drama about a small town adjusting to the aftermath of nuclear war. Jane Alexander is amazing as the mother who tries to keep her family together. It reminded me of the film Last Night, another film that took on such a huge subject matter without using big special effects or explosions or action sequences. A heartbreaking film that's pretty hard to forget.

Ray G (de) wrote: At its time of release, this film film would have either enhanced the fear some had of the rapid advancement of computers, or been dismissed as complete absurdity. Either way, it's essentially the sci fi version of Rosemary's Baby. Worth a look if you like sci fi from this era.

Adam R (fr) wrote: Truffaut's treat for any and every cinephile. The first movie within a movie that brought on a new wave of storytelling for a new generation. One of my personal favorite comedies.

Brad B (es) wrote: This movie was about as good as the Carowinds ride only good for about 5 seconds!

Michael F (ru) wrote: TWITCHfilm - "...recalls Hitchcock and Polanksi's American productions, and in brief flashes, the strange suburbia of David Lynch's Blue Velvet...the feverish deluge of mesmerizing images that make up House Of Last Things take us further and further down a rabbit hole we're only too happy to lose ourselves in." - (Nov.2013)

Petros T (br) wrote: Jack Black takes an interesting premise and turns it into a joyful, rocking ride. Any movie with Black goofing around, singing, rolling on the floor etc. is good enough in my book, and in "School of Rock" he really is on top of his game - alongside a very convincing host of children. There still is room for satirizing the educational system, but it's the popular comedian/musician that really elevates this film to a must-see for all rockers.

Michael W (it) wrote: Mildly entertaining.Wouldn't watch it twice but the robots looked kinda cool.