The Crone

The Crone

The small group of "Jersey Girl", consisting of Ayane Nanami and Mayuko says in a TV show about paranormal activity. Mission of the courage of the girl will always put to the test, always the bravest of them wins. Your next episode takes them to an abandoned building in the mountains. But no sooner has the first "Jersey Girl" entered the house, the nightmare begins. First, the women do the events or as part of the show from, but the threat is real and growing with every bit of hatred and strife, the further apart, the group continues ...

The Crone is part of a Japanese horror project which also includes Norio Tsuruta's Talk to the Dead and Koji Shiraishi's Cult. Ayane, Nanami, and Mayuko are members of a new 3-member idol ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Louie C (es) wrote: 1/2One word "Dax"! ???

Marty D (br) wrote: The story is insane, the dialogue is tacky and repetitive, the characters make no sense and the entire film is bad. However that doesn't mean it isn't fun to watch. Grab a group of friends and laugh hysterically and the terribleness. It's also incredibly quotable and lends itself to great inside jokes.

shai l (br) wrote: somehow I liked part II rather than part 1. "Bobby" was okay

Greg M (nl) wrote: Robert Wise's bold kitchen-sink drama stars Robert Mitchum and Shirley MacClaine as star-crossed lovers who struggle to discover if needing one another is enough to be happy.

Nick F (ru) wrote: Extremely well-cast Western thriller showcases the excellent location of the familiar Lone Pine, Ca. Director Henry Hathaway captures little nuances of the various characters and turns up the tension with many scenes including the "help us" note blowing in the wind and sands at various times and later when the baby girl wanders out into the ensuing gunfight. This movie was cast with an eye to unique faces, ranging from the bizarre and unsettling-looking Jack Elam to the fiery beautiful Susan Hayward. A perfect combination of the hostage thriller and the western. Most posters are completely misleading with Ty manhandling Hayward, implying some kind of Lust in the Dust type movie.

Chris W (de) wrote: Funny as fuck. So cheesy and ridiculous. OOooo, and the twist at the end...yeah. Terrible acting and just plain lamb, but still fun to watch for a chuckle.