The Crooked Web

The Crooked Web

Undercover agents investigate a murderer in Chicago.

Government agent tries to trick a suspect into returning to Germany, the scene of his crimes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan S (mx) wrote: The best in the entire franchise!

Ruhan R (jp) wrote: A pretty shabby cop flick, Val Kilmer and Curtis Jackson both put on some poor performances, along with the rest of the sorry cast. The script was linear, unguided with hardly any concrete content to give it momentum. The shootouts were okay, but nearly everything else was less than that. Overall a putrid film.

Donald D (fr) wrote: I love this movie and my sister love it to

Thomas K (es) wrote: The subject is interesting and it could have been great. Unfortunately it is not.

SoonHo S (mx) wrote: Pure life. Pure Cinema.

emily (jp) wrote: It's kind of a weird movie but Jackson Rathbone is funny. It's an okay movie.

Heather M (ag) wrote: This was a truly disturbing movie. The ending was exactly as it had to be even though it was not happy.

Lesley N (nl) wrote: The second out of three films directed by Danish Anders Thomas Jensen and my second favourite after ADAM'S APPLES. Equally dark, equally funny, equally unlikeable-yet-somehow-likeable characters (this time its two butchers butchering acquaintances to keep the business open). The plot is just as wonky as his other films, just slightly less unexpected. But thats a minor quibble, like comparing pigs to pigs when you love pigs. Just watch and enjoy, it's way past time the man directed another one.

Joakim L (ca) wrote: If you are a fan of Matthau this is a film you just have to watch. The best acting I have ever seen is in this film. The best part is you see the characters from previous stories just walk by the next storys character. They go back to real life. Great cast and Matthau shows what he can do to the max.

Michael Y (nl) wrote: Mel Ferrer's jungle adventure full of mystery and romance is..... WAAAAY too uninteresting and soapopraish to be entertaining or a good movie. Not even the complete miscast of Audrey Hepburn could have saved this movie. Green Mansions begins with a young man played by "A boy's best friend is his mother" Anthony Perkins, who is running away from his political persecution of his corrupted country, and flees to the forests of the South American Amazon in search of gold. He comes across natives who tell a tale of an evil spirit that is half human, half bird. But when the young man enters the forbidden forest he is surprised to find nothing evil, but a young woman who is kind and has her own mysterious past she will discover. I tried really hard to like this movie, but it was a bloody soapopera. It's based off a book, so you can probably find symbolism in a story where corruption can be found in all men, but nature is always pure. But alas, even though Audrey Hepburn tries her best, she is merely in this movie for good box office results, and is a complete miscast of her character from the book. Anthony Perkins and Lee J. Cobb try their best too, but the dialogue is silly. Though an utter mess, there is some good directing. SOME. The fantasy of the jungle tribes is a bit weird, and the whole pace of the movie is really slow, but the decision to film this movie in real Amazon locations gives this movie mast of it's credit. The scenery really is utterly beautiful, and filmed beautifully too. And the cast even works with a little baby deer which was pretty cute in the movie. This movie tries to capture romance the only way these movies know how to capture romance: through soft music, soft light and someone on the guitar. it tries to set up for emotional scenes, but the script doesn't help all that much. Green Mansions is a failure as a romance and a movie. The story isn't appealing and the dialogue is so bad, even when said by brilliant actors. It may have some credit under it's belt, but Green Mansions isn't the cinema classic it veinly tried to make itself out to be.

Ricardo V (jp) wrote: A classic fun silly movie. This movie attempts to be heartwarming and somewhat succeeds. John Lithgow is the only one who truly stood out among the cast, everyone else was just there. The villain was cheesy, and the way things were resolved with the villain just felt lazy. The best part of the movie was the one who plays Harry, Kevin Peter Hall. Kevin Peter Hall portrayed some great acting without saying a word with just his movements and eyes, and the animatronics on his face made it seem so real as if Big Foot does exist. Another good film for animal lovers as well.

Andrew C (au) wrote: For fans of show, it delivers on what you'd expect. The familiar characters on the hit or miss show get one last hoorah in this labor of love. As a film though, it offers nothing more than a handful of funny jokes. The film has no structure, and no meaningful impact whatsoever. Aside from the raunchy humor, there isn't anything substantial going on.