The Crossing

The Crossing

Andreas has everything a man can wish for. A wonderful wife, a big house on the country and a great job. But a sudden car accident puts him in a wheelchair. He is paralysed in his legs and he is also now impotent. Will his marriage work?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Norwegian,Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   wheelchair,   hotel,  

Andreas has everything a man can wish for. A wonderfull wife, a big house on the country and a great job. But a sudden car accident puts him in a wheelchair. He is paralysed in his legs and he is also now impotent. Will his marriage work? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter S (br) wrote: Terrible movie and terrible acting i really hope these people do not pick acting as their profession

Robert B (it) wrote: Antiviral (Brandon Cronenberg, 2012)The whole time I was watching Antiviral, the debut film from Brandon Cronenberg-if the last name sounds familiar, it's because Brandon is the son of revered Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg-I was thoroughly enchanted with it. I kept having to remind myself that, yes, the movie does have some shortcomings, and they kept it from rating higher than it did. But the movie's immense style made me want to gloss those shortcomings over. This is definitely a case of form over function, and in that, early Brandon is on the same track as early David was-and by "early" with David Cronenberg I'm talking about his earliest features, 1969's Stereo and 1970's Crimes of the Future, rather than the "early" stuff everyone's seen (Shivers, Rabid, and The Brood, by the last of which Cronenberg had already, as far as I'm concerned, reached the heights of body-horror greatness he would plumb until 1999's eXistenZ). When it comes right down to it, you're going to want to say you knew him when.Plot: Syd March (No Country for Old Men's Caleb Landry Jones) works for a near-future company that specializes in a new form of celebrity-worship; they harvest diseases from celebrities, culture them, and infect paying clients with the same strain of the same disease their heroes have. In any case, supermodel Hannah Geist (Dracula Untold's Sarah Gadon) is rumored to have a brand new disease that no one has ever seen before, and Syd's company is desperate to get their hands on some of it. Syd is on the case-not only because he's good at his job, but because, unknown to his company, he is obsessed with Hannah.Brandon does things the same way Dad does-build the characters well enough so that no matter how weird the situations, things remain somewhat plausible. Where Brandon differs is that it was pretty rare to find a pre-Spider Cronenberg film that seemed in any way realistic. In the days of ubiquitous reality TV and websites devoted to celebrity gossip seeing millions of hits per day, Brandon's near-future vision seems all too realistic. While there's an obvious body-horror aspect to what goes on here, this is more a movie about atmosphere, tension, and paranoia than it is about gross-out special effects, and it benefits tremendously from this. An tiviral is a touch unformed and maybe could've used one more rewrite to tighten up the plot, but it's stylish, creepy, and excels at portions of the filmmaker's craft that many journeymen have never mastered; a very good debut from a promising filmmaker. Can't wait to see what he does next. *** 1/2

Todd S (fr) wrote: Stoic explores the question of weather or not prison turns minor offenders into hardened criminals, by telling a true story that happened in 2006. The story is most defiantly an eye opener, but the truth is that it doesn't make for a very good movie. Four inmates are trapped in the same cell, twenty-three hours a day. Most of them are in prison for minor offenses, with sentences ranging from six months to six years. As the men play cards, three get suspicious of the fourth, and once they decide he's a cheater, they begin to torture and humiliate the man until the next morning, when one of them winds up dead. Edward Furlong is the only actor of recognition in this film, usually one of my favorite actors, but even he has a hard time making this story work. The truth is that no matter the situation, anytime you place four guys in a room and watch them for an hour and a half, it's bound to get boring. Stoic goes to extreme lengths to be beyond boring, because of it's perfectionist director, Uwe Boll. Boll has a reputation of doing things his own way and being a perfectionist about it. The constant changing of the camera angles as well as the inmates telling their own stories in cutaways, is somewhat clever, but ultimately there really isn't much here to base a film on. Stoic was a good idea, that poses an important question, through a shockingly true story, but it lacks the substances needed to entertain an audience. In other words it was one big bore of a movie that you should absolutely avoid.

David M (ca) wrote: It's sweet & cute but that's about as far as this predictable chick flick goes.

Olivier A (fr) wrote: Trs beau jeu de camra. Le casting est excellent, mais la performance est ingale. Dialogues revoir malgr quelques rpliques savoureuses. Plusieurs dtails laisss pour compte. On finit quand mme par embarquer dans l'ternel poursuite.

Rags M (au) wrote: it is sad what African Americans go through. Though he dad prior run ins with the law, Darryl Hunt suffered unfairly under a justice system that was blinded by racism.

Jerico T (br) wrote: I do not understand what this film is making. It only shows violence, highschool yakuzas, suicide and gore.

Whitney E (kr) wrote: Okay this movie had a few laughs but I think them introducing Tiffany in the movie franchise was a bad idea. I had to watch the movie with the volume down low so I couldn't hear Tiffany's annoying voice.

Michael I (ca) wrote: Talking Tom And Jerry....Nuff Said.

Seb U (de) wrote: Although I enjoy The Lord Of The Rings, I think that Meet The Feebles is a great film as well. When you compare Jackson's old work to Meet The Feebles; you will notice a lot of difference at how Peter Jackson's taste in films have changed. Meet The Feebles is a very interesting idea about what The Muppets, and what those in show buisness in general are like back stage, in a darker, and more unpleasant atmosphere.It is often quite nauseating, so those with a weak stomach should avoid this.(9/10)

Chris D (au) wrote: Great Movie series....

Ang T (ca) wrote: Cans of coke, chico roles panel vans and awkward sexual encounters god i love this movie!!!!!!!!

Doug C (it) wrote: A long psychological thriller without much action, but good acting including a role by a very young Marilyn Monroe.

Robert M (ru) wrote: No animated film has good fast-paced wit like Kung Fu Panda. Jack Black stars in what is probably considered his most popular animated feature character-wise, not to mention another success by Dreamworks Animation. Even though this film may have arrived during my late middle school years, this feels enough like a childhood classic to me. Not only does the film have a great story and message, it also has a unique theme and also some breathtaking scenery and nature for an animated film (that isn't Disney especially). Very well done film overall.

Evan H (fr) wrote: Doris Day in an over-the-top drama! It's totally unbelievable but fun to watch!

Kourosh S (mx) wrote: wasnt as good as everyone said it was