The Crown Prince

The Crown Prince

A great Empire, once famous for its enlightened traditions, is taken over by a ruthless political establishment. Religious fundamentalists and national separatists are tearing at the fabric of its liberal society. Under the influence of his conservative advisors, the Emperor fails to initiate the reforms that could save the Empire from annihilation. One man alone can avert the cataclysm to come. The year is 1888 and the 600-year-old Empire of Austria-Hungary is at a cross-road of history. Crown-Prince Rudolf, son of fabled Empress Sisi, the most beautiful woman of her time, is the man with the vision and the ability to lead his Empire into the 20th century. Yet his enemies, the all-powerful Prime Minister first and foremost, scheme to isolate Rudolf from his father and from access to power. Against the backdrop of one of the most dangerous, exciting and colorful periods in history, at the dawn of the modern age...

A retelling of the tragic love affair between Austrian Archduke Rudolf and Baroness Mary Vetsera. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garrett A (gb) wrote: I'm sorry, but this was just not interesting at all. I have seen many better documentaries this year already. This was hardly a documentary anyway.

Mikael K (de) wrote: I truly admire George Takei. He's a gay activist. He's of Japanese descent. He's a clever and informed political commentator. He starred in Star Trek. After all, I'm a gay Japanophile who's interested in politics, as well as an obsessive Star Trek fan. An equation of the easiest order.Documentary filmmaker Jennifer M. Kroot has a technically modest but in many ways heartwarming film in "To Be Takei". There are very few cinematic accomplishments here; this is a documentary that is made good by its subject only. Takei comes across as a completely charming, disarming, witty and eloquent intellectual. There are many points of laughter as well as moments inviting contemplation. The optimism and warmth of Takei are lovely to behold, as well as his sharp, witty responses to homophobic oppressors and Star Trek nemesis William Shatner.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: I suspect that this is just one of those movies that is either loved or hated. But no one can deny that Michael Tully and his artist pals have created a truly odd movie that is as creepy as it funny. There is also something interestingly "real" about this "family" of men gathered together just off the back roads of American culture. Robert Longstreet is most especially brilliant as "Ezra" --- a performance that goes far deeper than the movie itself. Longstreet fully fleshes out an individual who has pushed his latent sexuality and his grief so far down into his psyche that he essentially not only taken on the role of "mother" --- but seems to be turning into a skewed version of who he perceived her to be. Beyond strange, twisted and unusual experiment within the very loose framework of a dark comedy always on the verge of attacking the audience. I consider this to be a must see film.

Carlos Z (ag) wrote: Decent police drama. Ending is cliche

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Demetrios M (nl) wrote: Christian Bale knocks it out of the park in this desperate and sad tale.

Ben F (nl) wrote: "Shadowboxer", to put it simply, was absolutely ridiculous. Throughout the film's duration, I found it extremely difficult to have a grasp on anything remotely memorable about this movie. From start to finish, the movie seems absolutely atrocious, from it's acting, to it's sub-par and all over the place plot, to it's weird cinematography, or whatever. The problem with this movie is that Lee Daniels didn't have a grasp on any specific aspects of anything, so the movie feels all over the place. Cuba Gooding Jr. and Helen Mirren are assassins, and Miren raised him from birth because his father was gone, so they like do stuff together, and they have one more target, but they feel bad for the target, so they have to protect her and her kid. It's a really stupid plot, because it seems extremely unoriginal, which it is. But it still would have been okay if the movie STUCK to that. Like I said, Lee Daniels takes that plot and then does 1,000 things with it, and I wasn't just confused, it was kind of aggravating to see this movie all over the place. It really through me off. The extremely poor acting didn't really help either. I don't know why Cuba Gooding Jr. decided to take his career and flush it down the toilet with these horrible action movies, but hey it's his career. I have no idea why Helen Mirren decided to be apart of this production, but she wasn't that bad. Vanessa Ferlito, Macy Gray, and Mo'Nique were all pretty bad, mainly because their lines were stupid. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was alright for mere moments but that's about it. The acting just wasn't there, and it seems like an ensemble cast right? Well it wasn't really necessary for this particular production. The fight scenes are all off as well. All the shootouts are extremely poorly shot, and you'll find yourself extremely bored from the first five minutes of a sequence and on. It's really just a tedious experience from start to finish. This film lacks quality in every single possible department. Throughout the movie, I could maybe see how Lee Daniels was trying to experiment with the movie by bringing in his own unique style, but I think it kind of backfired. This movie was all over the place, and my perception was a poorly executed action movie, rather than an artistic portrayal of good vs. evil, or whatever the movie was trying to be.

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Blackoreo N (de) wrote: its soo soo soo good

Kareem Y (nl) wrote: Stunning. The use of some archival footage really helped cement what Libyans went through during the Italian occupation.

David B (it) wrote: Let the dead bury the dead this time, Mr. Finch

Mithil B (ru) wrote: The second part of the "Apu Triology" this film goes a step further highlighting the teenage of Apu and his educational life. The movie was simple once again, but it had it's wonderful moments through joyful and sad moments. And this time too Ray does it again... a pure masterpiece from a genius film-maker. I am proud to be from the country this trilogy came from...

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