The Crownless King

The Crownless King


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P S (gb) wrote: Fascinating portrayal of an endlessly-interesting subject. Well-balanced, amusing and heartfelt.

Cameron G (jp) wrote: Narrative wise, the film lacks direction and is often rather pretentious in attempting to boast its title as an art film and an examination of love. However, the film's big standouts are Malick's visual artistry and the exquisite cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki which allows the film to transcend its narrative flaws. Put simply, it is a beautiful showcase of Lubezki's skills as a DOP.

Jon V (de) wrote: just terrrable (Charles Barkley voice)

Steven B (br) wrote: don't understand what all the hype was about...thought it was pretty average at best!

Ivan M (us) wrote: Nicolas Philibert's gentle observant documentary, quietly watching from the sidelines as a group of young French children go through a year of school, all being taught by one dedicated teacher, is a different and heartwarming experience. The manner in which Philibert places the camera on the same level as the children as they quietly, thoughtfully work out spelling and maths problems completely reminds one of the innocent atmosphere present in most primary schools. The childrens' interactions are funny and interesting, and the story of soon-to-be-retired teacher Georges Lopez's bond with teaching the kids is warmly understandable. A charming and lovely film.

Befani G (au) wrote: I loved the script in this terrible-looking movie. It made me forget about the lack of action and tragic storyline. All of the actors did so well at playing their part and delivering their lines that I was constantly amused and in awe at everything this film was portraying. Surprisingly not as bad as I imagined it was going to be after the first 10mins.

Gergely K (us) wrote: Groteszk Freaks pardia, vlogatottan bizarr teremtm (C)nyekkel (C)s ort alpri humorral. Olyan kb. mint egy South Park r (C)sz emberi szerepl'kkel :)

Nicola T (it) wrote: would love to see this again,very hard to get a hold of,fun horror.

ChadPoop G (gb) wrote: A near perfect film!!!! The two leads are amazing is this wonderful character driven film!!!!

RA L (fr) wrote: Un final sobreextendido y algunas actuaciones muy melodramticas restan a un filme que, de otro modo, podra haber sido una gran pelcula. / An overextended finale and some rather melodramatic performances mar what could otherwise have been a great film.

Jacob M (es) wrote: Its fairly good for what it is, but the thing most critics are forgetting is that this is not movie meant to entertain them, but a movie to entertain children mainly under the age of 10. That being said this movie brings forth the difficult subjects of acceptance, war, treachery, and forgiveness in a way that young children can learn from what to do and what not to do.

anYa (mx) wrote: other than the last dance, the movie it's crap

Jenna G (ag) wrote: There are some funny moments at times, but otherwise, it's just painfully unfunny. That gymnastic sex scene, though.... crazy fun.