The Cure

The Cure

When a young female scientist discovers that the pharmaceutical company she works for had developed a cure for cancer years earlier, she attempts to release it to the world. Knowing that they make more money from chemotherapy drugs than the cure, the company does everything it can to stop her.

The film is about a young female researcher whose life is in danger when she discovers the pharmaceutical companies where she works that have developed a cure for cancer several years ago. They did not release it because it would destroy selling their chemotherapy drug. She now must escape and release the cure for everyone while the companies try to stop her… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Davide P (ca) wrote: Always saw him as a secondary character but thought what the heck let me watch this and see how funny he is. This man is actually really funny and good for a few quick laughs.

Brent M (de) wrote: Indie horror movie that just wasn't quite up to snuff. Acting was surprisingly ok. It was more a writing or direction issue. Foreshadowing was a bit too obvious and not really polished in it's mystery and suspense. There was also a lack of build up to the big twist/reveal. The very last ending should have just been left off as it added nothing and was just a bit sappy. At least the sound track was good

Stephen F (it) wrote: I laugh at the people who think that this was a good documentary. Everyone knows what Hubble Space Telescope can do; why do we need a near 50 minute documentary explaining it that is narrated by one of the most successful actors. Just because Leo DiCaprio narrates this snooze doesn't mean that it's good.

Matthew S (br) wrote: An amazing violent thriller film, with a good story line and great acting. A truly good and entertaining action film!

Adam C (jp) wrote: It should have been much better. May was awesome and so was Sick Girl, so I still have faith in Lucky McKee. Two out of three ain't bad!

Simeon M (fr) wrote: This has some crazy awesome creatures and visuals.

Daniel C (ag) wrote: Gets really annoying half through which makes it hard to actually pay attention to the movie as a whole.

TheMumblelover (es) wrote: A wonderful, evanescent in its execution of grieving and escaping. A woman who wants the quiet life to exist but is faced with questions that arise from her dead husband. The need to exist and except can have its problems. Brilliantly directed and Juliette Binoche is just wonderful. A great film.

Peter W (us) wrote: I wish my teacher was a robot killing machine that looked like Pam Grier.

Rod F (it) wrote: Frankie Howerd makes this a classic

Tim W (es) wrote: Elvis and Shelly Fabares in Florida how cool

Marito R (au) wrote: Very funny!! I loved it!

Dwayne R (ag) wrote: Weird. Even for Alfred. Filmed close to where I grew up, in Morrisville, Craftsbury Common, and Barre Vermont. Beautiful autumn scenery!