The Curse of the Dragon

The Curse of the Dragon

A 1993 documentary film about Bruce Lee. The film includes interviews from some of his fellow students and opponents who worked alongside him in his movies.

Documentary of the life of actor Bruce Lee, with interviews with cast members and crews who worked with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Curse of the Dragon torrent reviews

Tyson S (ag) wrote: I watched 5 mins of this movie and knew it was genius.

Ina S (gb) wrote: So disappointing. The story has potential, some good ideas are there, but there is no coherence in the storyline, the filming is bad, the stereotypes are ablaze (or was this camp? I couldn't tell), the dialogues are trite. The latter could be attributed to the bad dubbed version I saw, everything else couldn't. Unfortunately a bad, bad film based on a good idea. If you want to see a gay-themed football movie, I recommend the German film "Guys & Balls", which is a hilariously campy and sweet take on the same subject matter.

Don S (ru) wrote: Very sappy drama taking place on Christmas Eve, the only connection to the holiday in the movie. Five characters who tenuously and not so believably in all cases have a connection learn a bit about themselves and each other. No really compelling story line, just some ideas thrown together to see what sticks. The reincarnation shtick and the pseudo-supernatural bent of a couple of acts seemed to have no place in such a drama.

Mlissa A (ca) wrote: Simplement, pas ete capable de regarder plus de 15 minutes...INSUPPORTABLE !

Cle S (de) wrote: It's not as epic or masterfully made like one might expect from one of history's most important events but it's still the best adaptation of America's discovery I know.

Joe N (jp) wrote: Here we've got Hulk Hogan playing an intergalactic superhero named Shep Ramsey who has to hide out in the suburbs while his ship recharges, while he's there he meets Charlie Wilcox played by the "great scott" CHristopher Lloyd. There, Charlie and his wife decide to take him in. ALso while Hogan er I mean Ramsey is there he's tries to fit in with suburban life with some pretty hilarious results. And By the Way, THe Undertaker is in this as well, he plays one of the bounty hunters who never talks. Overall, this film so ridiculous that it's actually kinda good. THere definitely some weird parts, and the acting is questionable at some parts, but it does feature a pretty iconic line by Christopher Lloyd, I am of course talking about "I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!!" That line alone, is almost enough to make this movie worth it. So anyway, definitely one of those early 90's suburb films starring Hulk Hogan and Christopher Lloyd, pretty ridiculous, but entertaining nonetheless.

Chris R (br) wrote: Allen creates a person, a character, a back-story and a life while parodying history and the media, and at the same time asking interesting questions about the human condition all in the space of 80 minutes. Fascinating from start to finish and it's left me slightly in love with Leonard Zelig and Allen's mastery of film technique. It's memorising and may well be the directors best work.

Jules Y (au) wrote: Not many Elvis fans like this movie but I never tire of seeing it. the music is so different to other movies of the king and I just love it.

Corey B (au) wrote: Rather weak and boring and I usually like old movies, but this is certainly not Barbara's best performance.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Another musical comedy in Paramount's endless string of college musicals; the usual cast of zanies and a so-so score.

Matt A (au) wrote: I feel that my movie relates directly to the Beat Generation. Mac teaches the other inmates to rise up for what they believe in and to challenge the ideals of the ward. This can be seen as a metaphor to the men of the beat generation, who inspired others to rise up and challenge conforming to the post War ideals of settling down with a wife, having kids, and living in a 'white picket-fence' world. Although Mac was not successful in his attempt to escape, his real success was teaching those men that they should not be ashamed of who they are and how they should lead their lives. The lasting quote that I will remember is from Mac, talking to the group. "What do you think you are, for Chrissake, crazy or somethin'? Well you're not! You're not! You're no crazier than the average asshole out walkin' around on the streets and that's it." Mac's inspiration towards the other inmates will leave a lasting impression on them, and the lesson I learned from this movie, is everyone is a little crazy. But who cares? No one is even perfect so why not have a little fun? Be a little crazy! I think Mac's motto in life was to live life fun, rather than to die being boring.