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Luc F (ru) wrote: Raw, real, life. Those are the words that best describe my experience of this movie. A beautiful picture mixing young love, hustling, anger, travelling and more. Very refreshing compared to your typical poorly-written and poorly-directed top box office movies! I hope to see more movies in the future that bring this tangible side to the art where the audience can really connect to the story and the characters.

Kristal C (ag) wrote: Wow - less observant people might say that this is a film only for fans, but they would be wrong. The genius behind this film is the way it quietly looks at what can happen when you get everything you think you've ever wanted and it's still not enough to make you happy. I'm flabbergasted that Hansard and Irglova were brave enough to let themselves be so vulnerable for the filmmakers.

Nat R (ca) wrote: An action movie that got you excited but eventually lets you down pretty quick and you are left wondering with the ending.

Seymour P (jp) wrote: Batista is in it so it must be good

Robert Leslie T (ag) wrote: If you don't speak Afrikaans or are not a South African you will not find this funny. The plot was cute. Young love. But the side plot was sex, sex and more sex (Wimpie's two friends) There are life lessons in this movie make no mistake about that. With the sexualy explicit humor and the swaring cut out, you got a great movie here. The cast is good. But some actors look 30 not 18.

Amani B (fr) wrote: Excellent film. A great coming-of-age story... So candid and refreshing.

Tim S (es) wrote: Bad Ronald is a sanitized made-for-TV movie from 1974 about a young guy who must hide in the walls from the police, at the insistence of his mother, when he accidentally kills a young girl. After his mother's death, he stays in the walls and terrorizes the people who move in. The film was based on a novel that was quite graphic, so the TV version of it was watered down. That being said, there's some really weird stuff in there. Unfortunately, there's way too much sympathy for Ronald's character for him to be an effective threat later in the movie. He eventually goes insane and becomes obsessed with his made up world of princes and princesses, but ultimately, you still feel sorry for him. The main problem, or should I say problems, with the movie, is the number of plot holes and logical questions that you're constantly asking yourself throughout it. The main one is 'why doesn't Ronald just leave the house when he learns that his mother has died?' Regardless, it still has some atmosphere to it, but it's not really that effective.

Guillaume H (kr) wrote: Im dont think this is a real 5 star but this is 100% my favorite kind of movies, done exactly how i like it, every slice of visual is ripe with gothic velouria and creepy gossamer. Everybody spends their time screaming at the end of their wits surrounded by cobwebs, creepy dolls and an evil dead girly. Cant ask for more.

Ali S (ca) wrote: Sir Laurence Olivier may be the greatest actor of all time but vivien leigh outshines him by millions in this film with her untouchable beauty and uncanny wit. this is definitely a must see, a beautiful love story