The Dark Avenger

The Dark Avenger

Edward, Prince of Wales, son and heir to his father King Edward III of England, leads an English army to the French province of Aquitaine to protect the inhabitant from the ravages of the French. After defeating the French in battle, the defeated French plot to kill the prince. Failing in this, they kidnap his lady, the lovely Lady Joan Holland. Of course Prince Edward has to ride to the rescue, adopting numerous guises to save his paramour, which ultimately end in him leading his men into one final climactic battle against the French. (Also known as "The Warriors" and "The Black Prince").

During the 14th century when the Hundred-Year War between France and England ends with the English occupation of French Aquitainia rebel French knights vow to oust Prince Edward of Walles, ruler of Aquitainia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan W (kr) wrote: A Goddard-esque journey through Argentina where a dying professional assassin travels and laments on the people he has killed in his life while a female (and occasionally a male) voiceover tells us what is happening on screen like a university student eulogizing over an end of term paper - OR a total piece of nonsense that goes nowhere and test the patience (and consciousness or lacking thereof) of its audience. I think you know which one I pick.

jwasu r (de) wrote: A sense of time and place you can step into. The plot has heart, but is predictable, but so is life sometimes. I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did.

Nick B (ru) wrote: two couples going through isht? checkcheating husband? checkDavid Duchovny "acting" like a sex addict? checkMaggie Gyllenhaal's Skeletor-like "face"? sadly, checkgood movie with non-saptastic ending? ------

April W (kr) wrote: This is an amazingly well written movie that covers the complexity of women and men!

Adrian N (gb) wrote: Is it possible to call this horrible non-laughable mess a film? If it is, someone please explain it to me. Because I can't believe it one bit. Ray Romano and Kevin James really need to know better on what films to star in, because boy was I not happy with this film. I want those few hours of my life back!

Matthew D (au) wrote: Filmed in a mock-documentary style, this film is chilling, but more importantly, it is ambiguous. Which is fitting, since all the triangulation and single bullet theories are all about ambiguity.

Steve M (kr) wrote: Carnage Road (aka Carnage: The Legend of Quiltface) Starring: Dean Paul, Molinee Dawn, Melissa Brown, and Mack Hail Director: Massimiliano Cerchi Four photography students head into the Nevada desert to take photos for an extra credit assignment, but they find themselves stalked by a machete-weiding killer who wears a mask fashioned from the faces of his victims. This is quite possibly one of the worst slasher movies ever made. The pacing is bad; the establishing shots go on well after the setting has been established and they keep repeating; the dialogue and characters are lame (with Hail's portrayal of an obnoxious van driver being the most interesting character in the whole piece); the acting is atrocious (although, in fairness, Paul and Dawn actually started out pretty good--the scenes of them in their apartment lifted my hopes forthe rest of the film... only to dash them); the kills are weak and dull (and repetatively weak and dull... I think the production must have only had one cut-away weapon to use); the gore effects are on the level of a high school backyard camcorder production; and the foley artist was probably the most incompetent of everyone who worked on the production (the same teeth-grinding sort of sound was used no matter what Quiltface chopped, the punching sounds were just bad, and he missed the opportunity to cock a gun). The only thing that saves this movie from being a 0-Tomato effort is the unintentional comedy that grows out of the final battle (well, more like the final slap-fight) between Quiltface and Robert (Paul), the last survivor of his rampage, and the way that Paul illustrates [i]exactly[/i] what it means to "cry like a little girl." I'm sure he behaves like I would if confronted with a mad killer wearing a mask made of human faces, but the simpering and shrieking like a 12-year-old shcool girl doesn't exactly make him appear manly and it is quite hilarious to watch. So is the fact that Paul has to take babysteps and not run very fast so that the actor playing Quiltface can keep up, what with his restricted vision in the mask and the rocky desert floor. I suppose that the electronic score was also a little better and more efffectively implemented than is typical for a movie like this. The bottomline, though, is that "Carnage Road" is another one of those movies that is worth watching to see how NOT to make a movie.

Kurt F (gb) wrote: 7/13/13 Despite other reviews, I actually liked the plot a lot. The acting is rather weak, but overall, I like Affleck's character and how he lies. Yes, the end might be a bit contrived, and of course, everyone is terrible at shooting a gun. I found it entertaining to see all these actors at such a young age! (13 years ago now, and Ashton Kutcher looks quite young!)

Russ B (ru) wrote: 11/12/2016: A really nice true story family film with an excellent cast.

Areeque T (mx) wrote: Funny. Cute. Pretty good.

Michael C (ca) wrote: It starts super slow, but works itself into a quite bloody revenge horror movie. Worth the watch, especially for those who know about cutting and people with borderline personality disorder.