The Dark Side of the Sun

The Dark Side of the Sun

He risks it all for the love of a lifetime!

Traveling in search of a cure for a rare skin disease, a man finds freedom and love along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cade H (de) wrote: Bag of Hammers had a lot of heart and was a touching tale of 2 guys taking in an orphan neighbor boy as their own. The film started out a straight comedy, with the main characters being con-men and seeing the crazy things they do to earn money. Shortly after the comedy faded away and their relationship with the a neglected boy took off. It was interesting at times, a little unrealistic at others and I was sad the laughs went away because the leads were so goofy and funny. The film tried really hard to be super emotional and it hit on some parts but failed with others. Toward the end they tried to speed up the plot and jump into the future but it lacked any depth and was a weak way to end the film. I did enjoy most of this one, but it would have been better if the comedy parts were more spread out and not just at the beginning.

Muffin M (ag) wrote: For never-do-well compulsive gambler Fong, there's only one thing more fearsome than debtors at his doorstep - having to coax a crying baby. But what if the baby becomes his golden goose to fend off his debtors? Can he overcome his phobia of diapers, milk bottles, and cloying lullabies? stars Jackie Chan, Charlene Choi, Biao Yuen, Louis Koo, Michael Hui, Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Baoguo, Matthew Medvedev and Teresa Carpio. directed by Benny Chan.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Excellent little coming-of-age family drama that (thankfully) avoids high-school and focusses on the characters as we see the "other" side of 90210. Arkin has made a career of playing father figures and excels yet again and Tomei shows that there's much more to her than a pretty face. But it's Lyonne who shows bags of talent as the awkward teen learning that the grass isn't greener on the other side. Definitely worth seeing.

Aaron M (fr) wrote: This is a movie I saw quite often on tv as a kid/teenager and what I could recall was pretty patchy. Watching is again made the whole movie make so much more sense, and boy did it make me laugh. Its humour is quite often very subtle and very tongue in cheek. It has many laugh out loud moments, its off the chain and oddly bizarre but it works, in fact it works very well. A novelty plot is quite the fun watch despite the feeling of 'what am i watching' hanging around like a bad smell. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall obviously play massive parts in this movies success and its a joyful watch. Its probably more funny then most of the comedies I watched in the last year.

Jarett B (mx) wrote: Pryor plays with his audience like no other. When he tells the dude making fun of his mother that he'll "slap his dick off his face" well, it's priceless.It's also an autobiography, as it's his first show after an overdose. So, it's serious at times-like Bruce-but then just unreal, like when he talks about being drunk in New Orleans and he starts yelling at the set of Orleans behind him. I found myself asking, where's security? The man gets a lot of gifts from the audience...

Lasse C (de) wrote: This movie is a classic... dump. And like any dump, I'm sure it felt great to make but inviting people to lean in and look at it is painfully awkward.

Chad H (mx) wrote: So I really really liked this film. It feels as if it is no way shape or form a horror production at all and revolves around the ignorance and humor of Jeff the films racist model. The film has a great campy atmosphere, and does not at all take itself to serious. It gently rolls everything along and constantly tosses humor at you. The whole plot is that two men and their servant Jeff; who I honestly thought stole the show as he is so lovable. But these two men hear a distress call in their plane and attempt to land to investigate but wind up crashing on a strange island inhabited by voodoo magic. The plot doesn't really make much sense as the film progresses, but it really is strong with that cheese factor and all that campy goodness. The character Jeff is what this film is really about, to me its as if I child so innocent was in a big guys body, he doesn't really know how to act to well, and his eyes are always bulging out of his head, but he's innocent and pure and just having a good time. However the end of the movie just feels rushed and slapped together just to tie the end of the movie in. There's a nice little happy ending and everything works out in the end even. This movie just touched me on a very basic level, I love movies that don't take themselves to seriously, have a good comedic relief element and a flare of the great unknown and mysterious. Its good old fashioned family racism in my opinion, in a sense that you are well aware that they are stereotyping someone but its not completely in a negative way and it helps the film flow along. A few points off for needless scenes and at times it felt the film was dragging on a bit, but that was mainly at the end. I really do recommend this film for any horror classic film, its definitely worth a watch although I must say its hard to call it a horror classic.. more like a horror/comedy classic...with more emphasis on comedy, but gives you that much sought after feel good feeling. Check it out, again its public domain so youtube it!