The Dark Valley

The Dark Valley

Through a hidden path a lone rider reaches a little town high up in the Alpes. Nobody knows where the stranger comes from, nor what he wants there. But everyone knows that they don't want him to stay.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:114 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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The film revolves around the story of a strange man suddenly appeared in a small town. No one knows who he is and where he came from. They even do not know the reason why he comes here, but they can make sure that he does not want to stay for long. And since his appearance, a peaceful little town seems no more peaceful. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Dark Valley torrent reviews

Katrina R (us) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie. This is an enjoyable date night film. One of those stories you want to watch over again.

GI G (ag) wrote: Don't waste your time.

Carin R (de) wrote: If I could give it more stars I would.

HRS L (us) wrote: "China needs Taiwan. Taiwan does not need China." An IMPORTANT movie about Taiwan's recent history and struggle for Democracy and independence. Taiwanese viewers will have to forgive the fact that some of the major roles were filled by non-Taiwanese actors and some parts of the film were actually filmed in Thailand, but the average Western viewer may not even notice. The good thing is that this type of movie is actually being made. It's based on real events and accurately depicts the dynamic between the Taiwanese people and their foreign Chinese oppressors who, under Chiang Kai-Shek, took control of the island nation after WWII and declared it to be the Republic of China. Martial law was enacted, the Taiwanese language was outlawed, and people who spoke out in protest were murdered, including an American citizen on American soil. This is something that American people should know and care about.

Alex r (au) wrote: Extreme Ops is the perfect definition of a very bad film. Bad acting, bad actors, plot and directing. The plot to this film is by far one of the stupidest plots I've ever seen for a film. A bunch of extreme sports kids defeat powerful terrorists. Right then that should tell you this film will suck-and it it does. Everyone in this film obviously know nothing in making a good action film. If you want a good action film view Die Hard, that had a story, this piece of shit had action and no story. Extreme Ops is one of the worst films I've seen, and like I said it's the perfect example of a bad film. Nothing really does make sense, and the film gets even more rediculous. A very bad teen oriented action film, and I watched this when I was in my teens, it sucked then and it sucks now.

L F (ca) wrote: Romance with the dead. A gentle, well executed film.

Matthew C (au) wrote: William Shatner and Angie Dickenson team up with Tom Skeritt in a depression era criminal rampage brought to us by low budget king Roger Corman. Plenty of skin and violence, along with some wonderfully cheesy dialog make this a fun watch. This seems like it would be a good companion to Boxcar Bertha and the Warren Oates version of Dillinger. See the 30s through the eyes of the 70s. Enjoy.

David L (jp) wrote: Fritz the Cat is funny, but the second half of the film with the revolution gets a little boring and the movie is quite rude and awfully racist.

Conner R (jp) wrote: Just an amazing movie. It's got a great blend of comedy and suspense. Paul Newman gives a great performance as Harper, the world's greatest private eye. It's got a great plot that is both fun and intelligent. I think my favorite element is the above-average cinematography and attention to detail. It's not just another detective story, it's a very unique and unforgettable character piece.

James H (ag) wrote: 65/100. Impressive production, fine art direction, the costumes are decent. It does lack period flavor though, the women's hairstyles have a 1950's look, but at least their was an effort made. Good and vivid color cinematography and sincere performances. Highly fictionalized, but after all it is Hollywood in 1952. An Oscar winner for best special effects. It's not a great film, but I was always interested in the story. Clarence Brown's last film.

Timothy J (ru) wrote: One of the better of the Hope and Crosby Road movies.