The Darkroom

The Darkroom

A teenage boy befriends an escapee from a mental institution who sees visions of horrible murders being committed.

A teenage boy befriends an escapee from a mental institution who sees visions of horrible murders being committed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karen B (us) wrote: Enjoyed the movie but a little less romantic than the first movie.

Juli N (de) wrote: Grossly convoluted plot that just didn't work for me!

Nolanbrams R (fr) wrote: Spud is one smart and family friendly movie, really due to great childhood aspects. You really feel the memories of your childhood coming to you. Not to mention the clever, unique and funny cinematography and editing. Spud is a great movie with a wonderful story and great characters and beloved actors! Not to mention the incredibly cute and awesome actor called Troye Sivan!7.5/10

Branka D (nl) wrote: This movie is incredibly unpolished on the surface and the story would have been rather sad if it wasn't wrapped in some unintentionally silly and poorly humourous package.

Phil H (mx) wrote: Now this is rare!! a cheap straight to DVD sequel that not only is better than the original but a really good stand alone film!! Here we have Michael Jai White replacing Rhames as 'Chambers' and being setup on a drug charge to get him into a Russian jail to fight the top inmate...Scott Adkins as 'Boyka'.The plot is stripped down and the most basic excuse for a 'beat em up' I've come across for some time haha add to that the usual cliched inmate characters along with the usual vicious prison guards and warden and you have your usual prison flick. The main difference here is the amazing fight sequences performed by Adkins who, after seeing 'Ninja', has become the most impressive martial artist I have seen in a long long time. The man is solid, well built and can move gracefully achieving moves I have only seen in computer games, his acting isn't too bad in this film either to be worse than a young JCVD.I can't lie, this film is the best fighter I've seen since the early days of Mr JCVD and films like 'Bloodsport' and 'Kickboxer' yet this film is so much more realistic, bloody and with much much better fight sequences. The fights are fast fluid and breathtaking as gymnastics are combined with stunt work to produce battles you would expect to see in the 'Tekken' computer game, I can't begin to say how impressed I was when I was expecting just a run of the mill crappy poorly made B-movie. The only thing that let it down was the simple fact that I don't think Chambers could learn and become good at kickboxing in that short space of time plus I'm pretty sure in a real fight a kickboxer would beat a boxer but any ways expect to be surprised.

Bernd S (kr) wrote: nice idea and a pretty good movie

Robert I (it) wrote: For the first half hour, I thought this was an unfunny trainwreck with wonderful talent... But then it captured my heart. Lightyears better than "Funny People"... And I mean, by A LOT. Very similar story and theme for those two, but this is the superior comedian film. It's clear why "Forrest Gump" reteamed Sally Field and Tom Hanks together again a few years later. Their chemistry, while not romantic, is fantastic.

Jack J (fr) wrote: I take genuine influence from its animation.

Hugh J (jp) wrote: The first Bond movie I ever saw. I don't care what anyone says, I grew up with Brosnan as Bond and this movie is just great. As is the game based on it.

Derek A (gb) wrote: A Disney film about the Illuminati...

Jason B (jp) wrote: This film is so ridiculous it's funny, it's led with an all star cast and is a must see if your looking for a vulgar comedy.