The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well

The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well

A novelist has an affair with two women, finding fulfillment in neither; a married businessman strays from his wife he can't satisfy; a naive young woman surrenders her dignity for her lover; and a married woman tries to find solace in a frustrating affair.

Hyo-sup is a struggling writer who is romantically involved with both Min-jae and Bo-kyung. Min-jae works several odd jobs to make ends meet and is head over heels in love with Hyo-sup, even though he treats her poorly. Bo-kyung is Hyo-sup's true object of affection, however, she's married to someone else. That someone else is Dong-woo, who is out of town on business for his water purifier company. Several seemingly unconnected incidents in their mundane lives are later linked in some way as the distress continues to build. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel N (it) wrote: I'm glad I came across this little gem. It's got a little bit of everything and despite its title, is a warm. funny and positive film. I plan on watching this with my 5th grader. Watch!

Zeeshan S (de) wrote: animation could have been better given disney has put its name behind it. The story was good but I expected a bit more and a better dramatic conclusion to the ending of the storytelling.

Joey P (ru) wrote: The first story wasn't so great but the second two make up for it. I wouldn't have minded seeing the 2nd story become the full movie.

bill s (jp) wrote: Great doc with great music.Sometimes the truth truly is stranger.than fiction.I loved this doc and so does my collection.

Edward K (au) wrote: a very weird but good movie

Brent K (nl) wrote: Ever wondered what it would be like to go to family therapy? Watch this. Loved Rob in Suicidal Tendencies. Looks like Metallica might be Over, though.

Joseph M (au) wrote: Batman gets a detailed origin heavily based on the comics. A very fun ride while staying true to the classic stories that preceded the film.

jason a (de) wrote: This movie really gets to me and there are outstanding performances by everyone.

Paul D (gb) wrote: A bit low key for a war mission movie, but an interesting setting which certainly helps the plot.

Natalie M (ag) wrote: A silly, but very fun musical with a talented cast.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: Directoral debut from the master of westerns Sergio Leone, unfortunately this film doesn't resemble any of his later work. Seems like a big budget epic that poorly illustrates the genre and way too long, WTF! Why so much filler? Worth a look for Leone diehards but prepare youself for two plus hours of the most uninspired dribble.

David M (us) wrote: Gothic, seductive & genuinely touching - it's one of the most famous romances ever told & proves yet again that the greatest love stories end in tragic sorrow. I will always regret not going to see this in the cinema. Has one of the most beautiful opening scenes in film history. Whether you're talking about the original stage show or this film - there is something deeply special about this music & frankly is unmatched by every other musical out there. In terms of this actual film, it's exceedingly visually lavish but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't slightly tacky & certainly not ominous enough. Also it suffers from the same issues as 'The Great Gatsby' film did, for the fact it's all too superficial & opulent which takes away the true soul of the story. The sets & costumes in the film are truly outstanding. But if you're a true fan like myself, you can see through all that glamour.

Zach M (au) wrote: This was a terrible remake of a mediocre movie.It had potential with lots of ladies change room scenes and they had plenty of opportunity to show nudity galore and instead they pull a TV movie move by show a lot but nothing good.Very little violence for a vampire movie and it was boring as hell.

TheSecond P (es) wrote: great story, great acting from Tupac