The Day Time Ended

The Day Time Ended

Aliens visit the solar-powered house of a middle-class family, and the house is suddenly sucked into a time warp that transports it back to prehistoric times.

Aliens visit the solar-powered house of a middle-class family, and the house is suddenly sucked into a time warp that transports it back to prehistoric times. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (br) wrote: Amy Poehler y Paul Rudd destruyen de manera cida todas las estructuras del "chick flick" en "They Came Together", la historia de una pareja que en contra de todos los pronsticos termina unida por el amor. Si usted es de esos espectadores intoxicados por la cursilera, los clichs y el exceso de estrgeno de las comedias romnticas contemporneas, esta cinta es para usted. Puede que su director muestre evidencias de ineptitud, pero Rudd, Poehler y un destacado grupo de secundarios la sacan avante.

Asif A (us) wrote: One of a very few Pakistani movies that I could be proud of! It's emotional, thought-provoking and brilliantly done. Bravo Shoaib Mansoor!!!

Frances H (kr) wrote: Interesting to watch before the film The Walk, which was what I did, to see how Hollywood changed the story, as they always do.

terri r (mx) wrote: brilliant "yardie" film graphic scene

Farah R (gb) wrote: Before Sunset is definitely a leap from its predecessor but still a bit boring.

Markie M (ag) wrote: Strange that the critics give it 10% and the audience 73%. I loved this movie; Robin Williams is at his best. Duchovny separates intimacy from shmaltz; the balance pathos and humour is superb.

Malice T (br) wrote: cute. a really clever little cartoon.

Demonic N (mx) wrote: This looks really crap.

Thomas D (au) wrote: Breaker, Breaker (1977)For being released the same year as 'Star Wars', Breaker, Breaker! didn't exactly pose as a huge threat box office wise. It barely rivals anyting even plot wise, but some how it is actually a semi-entertaining movie. It is definitely old and retro and features Chuck Norris in some of the worst quarter-roy bell bottoms ever! The plot line was just a bit breezy and ridiculous and almost came off as more of a comic book than anything, but it was still fun seeing Chuck Norris beat some hick ass! Don't expect any extraordinary acting from old Chuck either, this one is purely about the ass-whoopin'. The final fight was kind of weak, I wish they would have built it up to somebody tougher than that chump mexican cop! That dude is nobody worthy of fighting the Chuck! Overall: The plot was decent yet silly and the action was just a bit watered down compared to other action spectaculars that Chuck Norris has participated like 'Missing in Action'. Actually i would just go ahead and watch 'Missing in Action' and forget all about 'Breaker, Breaker!'. But if your in the mood for some 70's exploitation, bell-bottomed, trucker action, then go ahead and give it a go.

Ana C (ag) wrote: The music was ok. I enjoyed the "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Bette" bit. But I found the tittle character's acting to be horrendous and was overly preoccupied with their unusually whiter than snow teeth. In the end it was entertaining enough.

Brian P (br) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

Simply Breanna (it) wrote: the were soooooo cute together before they were married Lucy and desi were young i love them

Benita E (br) wrote: So camp and predictable! Lavish surroundings with full advantage being taken of the Egyptian costumes which is fab. Sid James and Kenneth Williams are brilliant as always - with Amanda Barrie playing a very 'airhead' Cleopatra. Marvellous.

Logan M (jp) wrote: A wickedly acidic indie feature that combines coming-of-age teen movie with a dark comedy.

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The D (jp) wrote: Very average outing for a decent enough cast. Rourke & Gordon-Levitt, a hitman & reckless thief, team up for a job after a chance meeting. Blackbird(Rourke) was looking to move on from that one last mafia hit but as a man who doesn't like to leave wtinesses taking the life of a woman proves to cost him.The twosome take on a real estate agent looking to extort money but when Caren(Lane) & Wayne(Jane) get involved it becomes a cat and mouse tale with Blackbird trying to tie up the loose ends.So it's not a bad idea but throughout the film I kept thinking would he really be that arsed about these two? They hadn't seen him do anything particularly big so in this instance he probably could have let it go. The performances are as you would expect but Jane is a little underused and Gordon-Levitt is a little too over the top to be convincing. Roasario Dawson also appears but has little screen time to really annoy you.Even at barely 90 minutes it does feel quite stretched at times.Must try harder!