The Dead 2: India

The Dead 2: India

The Sequel to the Ford brothers The Dead. The action moves to India.

When the ship from Somalia arrives at Mumbai, one worker who is infected disembarks and then disappears into the crowd unnoticed. The infected man's presence in India triggers a zombie infestation which brings about an apocalyptic vision of the land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Buggy B (es) wrote: 03/25/15 a hobo blows into a lawless town, arms himself with a shotgun and takes aim at a ruthless crime boss and his two sadistic sons in this intense exploitation throwback

Chris M (jp) wrote: Good actors & story.

Mike M (es) wrote: Crazy stuff going on in this one. kind of cube and pandorum mixed together. weird thats for sure.

TonyPolito (jp) wrote: Standing in the Shadows of Motown is a 2002 docu-tribute to the studio musicians that manufactured Berry Gordy's Motown Sound. And it's a damn good one.After 40 years, the surviving members reunite to back covers of almost two dozen Motown classics by an assortment of current artists such as Joan Osborne and Chaka Khan. (Khan is surprisingly somewhat less than soulful, but but Osborne definitely brings it home.) Perhaps it is all staged for the camera, but still, even after all those years, this group of studio musicians looks very, very tight indeed.Intermingled with the performances are interviews, history and personal reflections that bring these studio musicians - self-dubbed "the Funk Brothers" - and how they went about creating the Motown sound right on up into the limelight. At one point someone states that these arrangements were so strong that they could have brought a chicken into the studio, "squeezed it by the neck on 2 and 4" and they would have had a hit. And, indeed, this movie makes it quite obvious that we have all overlooked that it was these musicians - and their often improvised and inspired arrangements - as much as the lead singers that made these songs so strong. The DVD extras include 13 of the tracks, back-to-back. At the end nearly one hundred eternally memorable Motown titles scroll - all attributed to The Funk Brothers. RECOMMENDATION: This DVD provides hours of feel-good music video on demand. Recommended without reservation.

Chris B (fr) wrote: good flick......this guy has never stepped foot in a cubicle.

Lewis P (jp) wrote: Farce not Comedy!*** This review may contain spoilers ***'About Adam' is billed as a comedy but it's safer to classify it as a farce. It's set in Dublin and it focuses on a family of three sisters and one brother who all become besotted with Adam, a charming Lothario, who insinuates himself into their lives. Unlike most American films where men end up chasing a beautiful woman, 'About Adam' turns the tables and we're treated to the farcical machinations of women who can no longer control their passions when attracted to that one special 'mysterious' man.'About Adam' has a Rashomon-like plot where the story is told from the successive points of view of each sibling. We start off from Lucy's point of view (Kate Hudson) who meets Adam at her place of employment (where she works as a waitress/singer). Lucy is looking for a man who will sweep her off her feet. I'm not sure how Adam manages to press all the right buttons of these women, but they all become besotted with him. The initial seduction of Lucy goes on for way too long and after awhile her obsession with him becomes tiresome (the first 30 minutes is the weakest part of the film).After about half an hour into the film, conflict finally emerges. Soon after meeting Lucy, Adam decides to seduce Lucy's sister, Laura (Frances O'Connor). Laura is more intellectual than Lucy, studying for her PhD in poetry. And of course Adam is familiar with the very obscure poetry Lucy has been studying at school and recites it to her, pressing her buttons. Before you know it, Laura is stripping off HER clothes for him! Adam isn't finished. Brother David finds himself attracted to Adam and fantasizes having a bi-sexual affair with him. He doesn't actually act upon his fantasies but Adam somehow engenders a passionate spark in him and he ends up with a new invigorated love life with his girlfriend. Finally there's Alice, trapped in a loveless marriage who also has a child. Alice is aware that Adam has been playing around with BOTH of her sisters and when she finally gives in to Adam before his marriage to Lucy, it's on HER terms. She knows it's just a fling, but the brief affair with Adam awakens her long repressed sexual passions.For those who were 'offended' by this film, they completely miss the purpose of farce. In the words of the noted drama critic Eric Bentley, in farce, one is permitted the outrage without the consequences! Farce allows its audience to experience deep-seated desires vicariously! While the sisters feel there is some deeper meaning in Adam's name (noting that Adam is the name of the progenitor of all men), one should liken him more to the Greek God Pan, famous for his sexual powers and often depicted with an erect phallus.The world of 'About Adam' features no recriminations. While some feelings are ruffled, none of the characters suffer any permanent psychic damage. Even Laura, probably the most besotted and jealous of the sisters, accepts Adam's marriage to Lucy and we see her holding hands with her school supervisor at the end of the film, now ready for a mature romance in the real world. And although Adam is always lying to each of the women about his background, the lies are white lies--inconsequential; again resulting in no harm (Adam even suggests to Lucy who is having second thoughts about getting married just as they're about to tie the knot, that people don't always have to know each other's secrets; that way, petty jealousies are averted!).'About Adam' is like a gentle breeze. It's a light-hearted farce not to be taken too seriously (for all of you offended by its alleged 'immorality', I say get a life!). In addition, it's an original take on the desire for passion in our lives. On the other hand, by the end of the film, we realize that the film's tension has dissipated. All that fun 'passion' unleashed in each sibling by the charming rake Adam, has become a bit repetitious and overdone. In other words, we get the point! By the end there are no more surprises! Since 'About Adam' is a bit offbeat and good-natured, I rate it a '3'. But honestly, while 'About Adam' is definitely worth watching, one viewing is enough.

Dalton G (nl) wrote: Definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. Jim Carey absolutely shines in this role. The script is engaging and heartwarming, the characters are memorable, and the soundtrack is timeless.

Frances H (gb) wrote: Will Smith and Stockard Channing's greatest roles in an extraordinarily goodmovie with a brilliant script.

Brian B (it) wrote: Where Dean Jones was during the second Herbie movie I'll never know. He teams up with Don Knotts in another romp. They get back to Herbie's racing roots in this one.

Eric H (ag) wrote: L'arme des Ombres may not have the cool factor of the Delon pictures, but it's got truth on it's side and a truckload of memorable characters and performances. There is a masterwork here for those looking to see something special. If you want something faster, go watch Ocean's 11 and forget what you saw ten minutes later. L'arme des Ombres will stay with you a long time.

Remy C (kr) wrote: +A great serious-taken role for Mark Wahlberg+This movie teaches us to not f*ck with Max Payne-Small on shoot-out scenes-Dull -Drug scenes were just plain weird