The Dead

The Dead

When the last evacuation flight out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, American Air Force Engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy (ROB FREEMAN) emerges as the sole survivor in a land where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living.

When his plane crashes, Lieutenant Brian Murphy, a United States Air Force engineer, must run the gauntlet across an African landscape, battling against the ever-present threat of the living dead! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (gb) wrote: With impeccable performances and direction, The Babadook uses full-bodied characters and a compelling story to create intense psychological horror.

Alanna W (ca) wrote: This movie looks very well done by seeing the trailer the acting seems mediocre but the storyline seems pretty interesting

Alex S (it) wrote: Another CGI fuelled wankfest on the way.

David Y (au) wrote: saw it at TIFF. Quite a bit of fun. Still need to see East is East, but can enjoy this film on its own.

Jaidyn P (gb) wrote: half a start for Warwick Davis (he makes a cameo)half a star for Bill Nighyhalf star for the rest of the film. Better of giving this film a miss. :)

Matt V (es) wrote: Terror snakes? There is only one real snake movie and that's muthafuckin snakes on a muthafuckin plane.

Steve G (es) wrote: This movie had potential as the early character development was much deeper than the average slasher film and the acting wasn't bad. But the movie was very slow-moving (especially the beginning) and the special effects were sparse. Perhaps it was filmed on a shoestring budget? The worst thing about the movie was the boring and very abrupt ending. It was as if the film makers ran out of money at the end and couldn't afford to film a big final scene.

Leo L (jp) wrote: Great movie. Although the story plot starts out quite slowly in the beginning, but the humor picks up the speed throughout the movie. An all-right cast. Filled with tons of laughter! Worthy.

Aariah N (au) wrote: A terribly written, poorly acted, cheaply animated so-called ninja clusterfest based on the not-so-great animu series. It's kawaii enough that your basement dwelling weeaboo son(or daughter) will like it.

Nathaniel B (es) wrote: I'm gonna have to say no one this one. I really wanted to like it too. It was way too similar to the first in my opinion.

Todd c (br) wrote: Worst shark movie ever!Aliens,and sharks,and millitary assasins really gay.

Doctor S (ca) wrote: Frank Whaley is likable as a perpetual truth stretcher who takes a job is there overnight janitor at a target where he encounters beautiful Richgirl and want to be shoplifter Jennifer Connelly. they spend the night talking about each other's problems iand breaking down and breaking down their misconceptions of one another. John Hughes's script still has some moments of teen insight that he was allotted for in the 80s but The fact is nothing really happens Plugwise here , which was obviously a concern to him hence the unwise introduction of two Deadly criminals during the last act. So this movie hasn't remembered fondly alongside 16 candles or the breakfast club instead people with good reason tender remember Tonnele his face which is shown in the close up more times than I can count , and her mesmerizing ride on the hobbyhorse, although the roller skating scene and especially the its hilarious expected conclusion/collision is my favorite moment.

Thrse F (de) wrote: Not interested in seeing this.

Edgar C (jp) wrote: Nothing new, just amateur mindless sci-fi horror.36/100

Eric H (gb) wrote: STAND AND DELIVER in my opinion, is an outstanding biopic about one of the bravest teachers of all time. The performances were smashing, the soundtrack was great, and the casting was just right. I heartily recommend this outstanding biopic about one of the bravest teachers of all time. You're in for a real treat and a good time, so don't miss this one.

Hisha279 s (ag) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Jonathan D (kr) wrote: What can one say about Raiders that hasn't been said? This is, in myopinion, one of the five best action movies ever made (the others? Die Hard, Terminator 2, The Matrix, and the entire Lord of the Ringstrilogy). This movie has it all: a smart story (Hitler actually waslooking for the Ark in the 1930's), rich characters, memorablevillains, scares, amazing sets, iconic music, solid comedy, a likable and unsentimental romance, fascinating mythology, and some of the greatest stunt/action sequences ever filmed (the opening and the truck chase stand out in particular).Raiders also benefits from the best leading lady in the series. AsMarion Ravenwood, Karen Allen displays a tomboyish charm, spunk, and an unwillingness to simply be a damsel-in-distress. Case in point: when locked in the cockpit of a grounded bomber, she calls for Indiana's help for a few seconds, then decides to kill some time and some Nazis by manning the machine gun! The scene where she kisses Indy's wounds, which in another movie would be sexualized, is here very tender. Marion is resourceful, smart, and tough, making her the only love interest in the series who is Indy's perfect match.As Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford completely inhabits the character,creating a man who is both an academic and an adventurer. He's a bit of a scoundrel but also cares about people. Most importantly, he was an action hero who was self-deprecating and imperfect. Up until that point the James Bonds, the John Waynes, and the Clint Eastwoods were all extremely macho "men's men," more prone to giving beatings than taking them. Even though Indiana Jones is tough and intelligent, he's constantly being outsmarted and out-punched. You know he'll win in the end, but usually he'll have to dig deep and use all of his ingenuity, physicality, and luck to to pull it out at the last second. Though John McClane and other heroes have followed the same template, Dr. Jones is the original and the best. * * * * * (out of five)

Jack G (br) wrote: the beat goes on. interesting to see how many of these guys and gals don't take parents' divorcing as a big thing. also, money, careers, love, marriage, big topics talked about. give me the child at 7 and I'll give you the man (?) we'll see rabbit, we'll see.

Jordan R (de) wrote: I've been watching this a lot lately. I think it's in my top five now.

Andrew G (jp) wrote: Hilariously awful from beginning to end.