The Decline and Fall of America

The Decline and Fall of America

A shocking 2 hour full length movie from B.A. Brooks that will change the way you look at our leadership within America's government and military today.

A shocking movie that will change the way you look at our leadership within America's government and military today. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Decline and Fall of America torrent reviews

Sreekiran M (nl) wrote: bottom line: grandly presented, poorly executed with no sort of mesmerizing performances nor interesting characters. we can watch for just knowing bodhidharman.

Harryja K (de) wrote: very funny.. especially when the cute boy make the ghost afraid of him..

Michael P (fr) wrote: While the story drags quite a bit, this has one of the best soundtracks/scores in quite sometime.

Dustin B (gb) wrote: Outstanding. The surveillance-camera gimmickry enhances rather than distracts from the masterful acting and thoughtful, unpredictable script. It's so nice to see a stalker movie that has some integrity. This is the no-budget horror film that should have made hundreds of millions, not Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch.

Kevin G (br) wrote: It was horrendous, sat through 1.5 hours of garbage.

Paul D (jp) wrote: High octane? Not really, and not much storyline too. Poor movie.

Christian C (de) wrote: Great locations (that may not even be available for filing these days), really great costumes, thrilling story with a surprise ending. What more could you want?! Lansbury is marvelously over-the-top as a faded lush. Ustinov really is the best Poirot ever bringing both humor and gravity when needed. On the down side: Niven plays his usual, shallow stock character; and the poorly-rendered foreign accents are a bit distracting. (I'm looking at you, Jack Warden!) Bette Davis struggles a little, but she still pulls it off. Despite the minor faults, it's a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Darrin C (kr) wrote: Very bad movie. Ridiculous plot, ridiculous acting, ridiculous shots: just a horribly ridiculous movie. It's not even about frogs. It shows LOTS of close-up frogs breathing and jumping (being thrown). Otherwise, there are extremely bad death scenes committed by spiders, lizards, snakes, even gators. Frogs finally somehow kill at the very end, but how is never explained.

Joby D (au) wrote: OH, god no...make it stop, make it stop!!!