The Defiant Ones

The Defiant Ones

Two convicts, a white racist and an angry black, escape while chained to each other.

Two escaped convicts chained together, white and black, must learn to get along in order to elude capture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (ca) wrote: another school play pic

Eric O (ru) wrote: kurt angle what happened this is a turd

(us) wrote: TOOLBOX MURDERS (2004)

Robert R (ru) wrote: It'll keep you leaned forward in your chair with interest as it simultaneously shovels a unequivocally partisan message down your throat - "Runaway Jury" is a ceaselessly entertaining movie with a very sharp point to make.

Susan P (jp) wrote: The trailer for this movie is awesome - unfortunately, it's better than the movie! The plot doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The stuff that happens is very random and the camera work is sometimes laughably amateurish, which is odd considering the director is rather seasoned. The music is fantastic, I'm a big fan of Ego Trippin' now, a Japanese jazz/pop band. The visuals can be really stunning, and I love the wheelchair assassin, so points for that. Still, there's some unintentionally hilarious stuff in here, some cheesy dialogue, that kind of thing. Style won out over substance. I would recommend going to YouTube, watching the trailer, finding some Ego Trippin' videos too, and skipping the movie.

ToniJane B (us) wrote: This film is really funny

HannaRiikka K (jp) wrote: Great realism! Collective & personal themes were both handled with touching way!

ScubaSteve Walter M (mx) wrote: A unique story of revenge, especially using a mute as the main character is even more striking. After establishing the motives for her bloody rampage, there's no conflict that makes the story more intriguing, But the memorable scene from this movie is her killing spree in a party wearing a nun outfit.

Carlo Z (kr) wrote: Loved it! Mel Brooks is awesome

Timothy J (fr) wrote: An entertaining western co-starring Ronald Reagan.

Thomas P (au) wrote: Amazing film. This has been amongst my favourites for a very long time. Katharine Hepburn is more then exceptional in the title role. Hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measures. The dinner scene is worthy of the DVD purchase in and of itself, as it all go's totally to pot (hilariously) with the help of a clumsy Hattie McDaniel and Alice has to admit defeat and drop the mask. Brilliant!

Justin B (mx) wrote: Arguably the best of the franchise. It's still a sloppy mess; and an unabashed ripoff of many other far better films, but this one at least delivers guilty genre entertainment.