The Deflowering of Eva Van End

The Deflowering of Eva Van End

The ugly duckling of a fraught middle-class household has her life turned upside-down by the arrival of a handsome German exchange student, in this caustic, absurdist satire of petit-bourgeois family life from Dutch director Michiel ten Horn. (TIFF)

The members of a dysfunctional family begin to reinvent themselves thanks to the exchange student who moves in with them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Perrine B (us) wrote: Pour un monde meilleur... mais pas pour vous !Michel Ganiant est un homme d'affaires succs qui surfe sur l'argent et le pouvoir. Son prochain objectif est d'absorber son principal concurrent et devenir encore plus puissant. Pour illustrer ce coup de grce, il accepte d'tre suivi par une quipe de journalistes qui va avoir accs tous les cts du dcor. Mais son plan n'est pas aussi simple qu'il ne l'aurait voulu.Ce faux documentaire sur les coulisses du capitalisme utilise l'humour pour dnoncer ses drives et certains de ses excs. Demaison est gnial en businessman qui en veut toujours plus sur le plan professionnel, mais qui n'en oublie pas sa famille pour autant. Sans le rendre trop sympathique que pour nous faire oublier ses travers, cela permet de montrer l'humain derrire la machine pognon. On a ici une bonne comdie intelligente et mme instructive (petits dessins faciles pour expliquer certains principes de la finance !), avec laquelle on prend plaisir voir son hro se faire malmener par un monde qu'il pensait matriser. Fin et plaisant !

Mickey C (fr) wrote: Amazing! I love it! Sad, but good. My teacher played this for us in class and now I've read the book. It is a true story and shows to never give up

Karla M (nl) wrote: im not even sure if i want to see this one!! i know i would suffer watching rob like that

Jamie I (nl) wrote: The title of this movie is clear throughout as there is doubt among even the moviegoer. This movie is uncomfortable at best and by the end there is no certainty over whether the accusations presented in the movie are true or not. I'm pretty sure that was the purpose but I didn't like it. Not recommended.

David S (ru) wrote: [b]DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH[/b]A must see for all movie enthusiasts. The phone scene left me breathless. The depth of Scott Cordes's acting prowess set the bar far too high for the rest of the cast. Who knew that landlines in the backyards of houses were commonplace? I was expecting a much more compelling portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer from Rusty Sneary; instead, I was stuck watching a rather flaccid, lifeless performance. [color=Black]However, it is my opinion that Jeannine Hutchings's emotional anguish more than compensated for Sneary's lackluster big screen debut. The final scene culminates a dramatic 85 minute[/color] thrill-ride of questions, answers, and inexplicable plot intricacy.

Tadd R (br) wrote: Excellently cast and performed, highly recommended. John Hurt stole the show a bit for moi.

MF J (us) wrote: An interesting film about the filming of Nosferatu by F.W. Murnau on location in Eastern Europe. This is a well done film, filled with references to the original film. The cast is beyond great and everything rings true from start to finish. Willem Dafoe gives a very unique performance as Max Schreck, the man supposedly acting as Nosferatu. Fascinating somehow, this film is a must see for any fans of the original black and white gorgeous film about the legendary count Dracula.

Hayden W (nl) wrote: A simple but very entertaining bank heist gone to shit movie.

Scott W (nl) wrote: I like Ed Norton and Robert De Niro, but this just didn't really work. Norton's whiny voice really bothered me after a while. And it was all a bit heavy handed, with the constant background noise of the Christian radio station and overly dramatic music. There were some good scenes of tension near the end. But the way the momentum was building, I expected more of a cataclysmic ending than what ended up happening. It's not terrible, but not particularly memorable either.

Anatoly S (gb) wrote: Orson Welles having fun with this fake documentary about fakes and fakers. A bit self-indulgent & too fast at times, but still an enjoyable experimental piece. CHECK IT OUT.

Delphian R (ru) wrote: Keeps haunting the mind; a 'nuclear bomb' to be precise.

Abby D (gb) wrote: I was starting to get really impatient because it was so slow, but then the twist happened and there was a great chase scene and it totally won me over.

Doug B (br) wrote: Amazing thriller! keeps you on you're seat!

Mandela W (au) wrote: funny how I come across this film 2 months after our actual election and now in the soon to be Donald trump era. Way back in 1999 Alexander Payne took a bold move in making a satire of the election process and even went as far as making the basis of this film, a high school election. While the film is its offbeat but very well done. Its both a film that young adults can enjoy but even older adult figures can find correlations with the real thing that we see today. This 2nd film from Payne revolves around a high school teacher named Jim Mcallister and a young overachiever named Tracy Flick. the high school is getting ready to have its annual election and what seems like it will be a normal event becomes ever the more complicated due to the unusual contenders. This sets off a chain of humorous events that again makes things complicated for all involved. Very interesting script by Payne. He has a unique style of story telling that translates into these quirky but substantial films we see on screen. the themes of morals and ethics are very prominent here in this story and it correlates with elections of all kinds. The narration was a nice addition to the story and helped with the feel of the film. The film makes you actually think back to your own student elections in high school and what some kids may have done to get a spot on the council. matthew Broderick is exceptional here. he seemed to fit into this role like a glove. this was such a well written character and Broderick really went for it here and gave us a guy desperately trying to involve himself in a positive way in the lives of his students but things just keep getting more complicated. Reese witherspoon delivers a terrific comedic performance here. Her humorous and spunky take on this obnoxious student is incredible and makes me think twice about how funny she can be after her horrendeous role in legally blonde. she also really nails the Midwestern accent. She is the films true highlight!His direction here is no different. the camera choices and images used all make for a different kind of political story. Very well timed editing and good lighting as well. This is without a doubt one of the real great flicks in the career of this unique director.

Erin D (gb) wrote: one of those films that is so beautiful and so disturbing but you can't look away.

Reno T (nl) wrote: well i didnt expect so much from this movie , but it was a diferent kind of movie and i liked that

Blais E (nl) wrote: An oddly-involving combo of Western & Mythical Fantasy genres, with Charles Bronson as famous frontiersman Wild Bill Hickock, & big Chief Will Sampson as Crazy Horse, both obsessively stalking the titular beastie. Always compared unfavorably with "Jaws", & while I see many similar parallells, its sheer originality makes it the superior film. I think the effects for the time are creative and satisfying, & the film has a palpable eerieness which is hard to shake. A highly imaginative movie, with some very striking & unsettling visuals, and a fine supporting cast: Jack Warden, Slim Pickens, John Carradine, Clint Walker, and Douglas V. Fowley each contributing great bits. The still-lovely Kim Novak appears briefly as Hickock's nominal love interest.