The Desperate Trail

The Desperate Trail

Amiable con man Jack Cooper is on a westbound stagecoach, headed for the next batch of suckers who will mistake him for an easy mark. Fiery Sarah O'Rourke rides the same coach, handcuffed to lawman Bill Speakes and headed for the hangman. In a few hours, all should reach their destinations. But the trail they travel takes an unexpected turn: Cooper and O'Rourke are soon off the stage and running for their lives. The law ends and the chase begins in a very alive tale of wanted-dead-or-alive fugitives (Linda Fiorentino and Craig Sheffer) pursued by a marshal (Sam Elliott) who's a law unto himself.

After years of suffering under her beating husband, Sarah decides to no longer take any humiliation or battery - and kills him. For that, Marshal Speakes - her father in law - sentences her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Levent T (nl) wrote: Great young actress & straightforward story telling. Film is frank on its topic of sexual desires, but never explicit or too blunt; it's the characters and acting that's on the spotlight. The stills and colors (or lack of) reflect the boring mountain town life brilliantly.

Cynthia S (br) wrote: Interesting movie. I found Ludivine Sagniers acting to be questionable..but all in all a decent attempt at a thriller. I have read that an American version is being discussed..

Charles O (jp) wrote: And now they should stop playing. This was just pointless. All that to win back a guy who hadn't actually strayed! Whatever happened to sitting down and talking. Clearly Vivica has had so much botox she cant face the prospect of actually having to act. The big smile and breasts really don't play outside Vivid. You gotta love Monica though! lol. And talk about how Black folk have it rough in Hollywood. If its looks alone how come Jazsmin Lewis hasn't got a CV? Look at the raggedy stuff Hollywood keeps promoting.

Memo G (gb) wrote: Un retrato familiar lleno de indolencia, conflictos anegados y latencias inquietantes.

Jesse L (us) wrote: one of my fave movies of all time

Lee S (nl) wrote: Classic family flick. Bringing CKJ up to speed.

Mark M (us) wrote: only the dead has seen the end of war ..plato

Marah R (it) wrote: Stunning cinematography and profound directing. The performances are a bit subtle but deliver the required emotions they need to convey.

Joey M (gb) wrote: Labeouf's hair is ridiculous.

Adam T (us) wrote: 10/10 The story itself is worth watching, at least twice over.