The Devil and Miss Jones

The Devil and Miss Jones

The wealthiest man in the world, John P. Merrick, is a private person who likes to stay anonymous. One of his many assets, so small that he didn't even knew that he owned it, is Neeley's Department Store. There is labor unrest at the store, and the employees' anger is directed at Merrick, who they hang in effigy outside the store despite not knowing what he looks like. Merrick, not happy at what he sees going on, decides to mete out the rabble-rousers. So he goes undercover as a sales clerk, Thomas Higgins, in the shoe department. However, he soon befriends many of the employees and begins to see things from their point of view.

A tycoon goes undercover to ferret out agitators at a department store, but gets involved in their lives instead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becky J (gb) wrote: If you don't like revenge stories, DO NOT WATCH THIS. I despise them and didn't know this was a revenge story. Brutal and a major downer.

Cody C (gb) wrote: Poorly done, with weird line readings that are kind of compelling but don't amount to much.

Bruno L (nl) wrote: Good. A slice of Estonian life illustrating the fruits of socialism and its negative effect on the human psyche " lost bemused people living in boxes trying to be happy (paraphrased by one of the characters). I like the political message included in the movie. It is a little bit poorly directed though and the dialogues are not the main thing here.

Paul L (fr) wrote: One of the more bizarre zombie films made for a long time, as only Canadians can.Filmed in Black & White to evoke the feel of Night of the Living Dead, the filmmakers have an obvious love of the genre, but are not afraid to take it in new directions.

Priyanka S (es) wrote: A movie that touched my heart.I loved the way the little boy was portrayed...indeed, a depiction of the whole eye of an eye until the world become blind

Matthew H (de) wrote: Not really good in general

Janetta B (jp) wrote: Very Interesting Tale....

Gobind G (ru) wrote: American classic! I am glad I watched this movie. It just surprised me all the way, its is a bit weird but you kinda warm up to it.

Jhaneb K (it) wrote: I loved SRK in this one, the movie was as good as good can be

Ed J (fr) wrote: John Cusack as a pirate

Ted P (it) wrote: If your ready to sit and watch for four and a half hours, you'll see something very fulfilling.The movie's catchphrase seems to be "They can't exile you further than Siberia." I personally enjoyed one particular seen in the middle of the film when deputes from Moscow have come to take the boys away for the "Great Patriotic War" (WWII to the West). The war has already been going on for more than two weeks and the Nazis are making great head-way in the USSR and are within sights of Smolensk. When the depute tells the news of the war to the villagers, they are unaffected and inquire who has invaded. The scene encapsulates the situation in the Siberian village of Yelan, which is the focus of the film. The entire epic film (over four hours) centers on the turbulent history of Russia from the perspective of a single village isolated in the remote swamps of Siberia. The film begins in 1908, and ends sometime around 1980, marking some of the most important events in Russian history from WWI to the revolution to the Russian Civil War to WWII and the Cold War. The film itself touches upon a number of issues, from modernization to globalization as we see the village (and its villagers) continually effecting and being affected by the times. It is about continuity, tradition and personal lives in a simple village that seems to bear no significance to the world at all. Yet Yelan is a world in it of itself and the lives of its inhabitants, past and present, the inhabitants of that world. It is about a village trying to find its connection to the world.It is important to note that the presentation of this "evolution" of Yelan is portrayed in rather negative light. Konchalovskiy is a descendant of Russian nobility and clearly has his gripes with the Soviet regime. The film also boasts some of the most beautiful cinematography and presentation of Siberia.

Thomas D (ag) wrote: Good god, the epic cheese continues in this low budget, under-par sequel to the original mutant baby killer flick: 'It's Alive'. So at the end of the first one, we discover that another genetically mutated baby has been born in Seattle, WA. So the father of the mutant baby from the first movie goes out to Seattle to try to prevent the birth of another mutated baby which ends up being three. Yeah, i dont know either. The movie was so low budge and crappy that i am not even sure what the hell was going on after a second. They skip around from location to location, it was just bleehhhhh. The first was way better. Even for a B-movie it was just awful. this cheesy sequel did nothing but make this whole series stink like a mutant baby diaper. Well, October Horrorfest continues, Next up: It's Alive 3: Island of the Alive, yeah thats right,there actually is another one.