The Devil Is a Woman

The Devil Is a Woman

In the carnival in Spain in the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the exiled republican Antonio Galvan comes from Paris masquerade to enjoy the party and visit his friend Capt. Don Pasqual 'Pasqualito' Costelar. However, he flirts with the mysterious Concha Perez and they schedule to meet each other later. When Antonio meets Pasqualito, his old friend discloses his frustrated relationship with the promiscuous Concha and her greedy mother and how his life was ruined by his obsession for the beautiful demimondaine. Pasqualito makes Antonio promise that he would not see Concha. However, when Antonio meets Concha, she seduces him and the long friendship between Antonio and Pasqualito is disrupted

Film told in flashbacks of an older man's obsession for a woman who can belong to no-one but can frustrate everyone. The backdrop is SternbergÍs surreal and fantastic Carnaval in Spain. In ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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corey m (fr) wrote: Your better off watching the discovery channel special as it is shorter and more accurate.

Jennifer K (de) wrote: I may be a little prejudice since I appear in this film for about 2 1/2 seconds, but I still feel that it's an excellent film. It seems to start out akwardly, but the film builds slowly until at the end you know you've just seen a great story -- and it's all true . . .

Jeremy B (ca) wrote: I don't hold unsympathetic characters against a movie when the narrative and emotional reality is convincing. Not so much here; I kept saying "really? that's how you're reacting to this situation?" and wondering how such incompetent people are supposed to have gotten this far in life. Impatient editing in which every scene seems to start a few seconds too late and end a few too soon doesn't held. Excellent performances and photography though.

Max P (br) wrote: so sorry I've never seen this before. could have loved it for a long time now. truly fantastic drama.

Albert S (br) wrote: favorite movie as a kid!

Andrew G (kr) wrote: A great psychological character study - Fassbinder's makes the audience so sympathetic to Allerson that we must forgive him for his sins.

Bruce B (au) wrote: A mentally ill prisoner, through some sort of yogic meditation, manages to make himself invisible and escapes. As a child, he'd been unwanted by his celebrity mother, who nevertheless kept him close to her and didn't let him create a life of his own. He had strangled her, and apparently other women, giving him the nickname of "the celebrity strangler."Having escaped, he goes after celebrity women who had testified against him. The police, having learned he was into reading mystical books in prison, for some reason contracted a para-psychological institute. The institute thinks perhaps the strangler is killing women by astrally projecting himself. In reality, he's merely strangling them while he is invisible (and naked). He nearly gets caught when to reach one woman, he has to don a scuba suit to get out to her boat. It's more interesting when he manages to strangle a woman in front of many witnesses simply because they don't realize what is going on. Eventually, a trap is set for him.I kind of wonder if this was originally done as a TV movie, perhaps as a pilot. There doesn't seem to have been any reason for introducing the lead cop's girlfriend/wife Candy and the psychics unless they were to return in subsequent episodes. It's not very good, but it's not terrible. 3 Stars 10-10-08

Jeff B (it) wrote: Funny premise carried out well by actors--particularly Cary Grant--that really have great comedic timing. Surprisingly good one liners in this one.

Calum B (au) wrote: While this probably isn't the best Carry On film it is a lot of fun; it stars most of the regular Carry On cast including Kenneth Williams as Caesar and Sid James as his less than loyal friend Mark Anthony. The film begins in ancient Britain where two locals, Hengist and Horsa are captured and taken to Rome as slaves. They manage to escape and hide amongst the Vestal Virgins in the Temple of Venus. Here Horsa manages to kill five Roman soldiers when they attack Caesar; he then flees and everybody assumes it was Hengist who was the hero; he is promptly made Caesar's chief body guard and must accompany him to Egypt where Caesar believes he will forge an alliance with the beautiful Cleopatra... the viewer however knows that it is a trap being set by Mark Anthony who wishes to become Emperor and have Cleopatra for himself.The outing for the Carry On team was a lot of fun; Kenneth Connor and Jim Dale were good as Hengist and Horsa and Amanda Barrie was suitable alluring as Cleopatra; however the best lines were reserved for Kenneth Williams... 'Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me' is a classic! Some people might not approve of the fact that the actor playing Cleopatra's African bodyguard is a blacked up white actor offensive but as he is so badly blacked up you can see white patched in places I found it more funny than offensive. As one might expect from such a film there is a lack of historical accuracy but that hardly matters, as it is not trying to be serious. While a few of the jokes are a little bit risqu there is nothing too offensive and although there are plenty of scantily clad women to provide mild titillation there is no nudity. If you are a fan of the Carry On films this is certainly one of the ones you really should watch.