The Devil's Ballad

The Devil's Ballad

A serial killer responsible for 7 minors' deaths thus far seems to kill to a particular rhythm, which the authorities must identify to catch him.

A serial killer responsible for 7 minors' deaths thus far seems to kill to a particular rhythm, which the authorities must identify to catch him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kirby A (ca) wrote: I may be biased because of my love affair for The National; but the focus of this documentary is less about the band and really around brotherly love. The relationship between Matt/Tom is eerily parallel to that I had with my brother.

Eric A (mx) wrote: This is the Gray Gardens documentary of the twenty first century! Well, that documentary dealt with crazy "old money" people ...this time The Queen of Versailles deals with excesses of the American Dream and the fall of the nouveau riche. This was a challenge for myself just for me to view this film. The cinema verite' is reflexive and gives off a bit of the vibe of The Real Wives of Orange County. However after you put aside the reality TV effect...the documentary hits home when you see her childhood friends face foreclosure and her immigrant nanny cry because she did not see her son for over 18 years. It even hits closer to home when you see people who cannot control their excesses become kingmakers to people who handle American politics in the same fashion. And also hard when you realize how many people lost their jobs. You cannot feel sorry for this beauty queen and her time-share tycoon for they sold to people who could not possibly afford those time shares. It was all about fast money and power. Do I decry the thought about being rich. I hope things will turn out...well, they were not bad off towards the end of the movie...and if things got worse...I am sure they had a spare million at least... This is a reflection of the world today...and it is a very revealing documentary if you look closely at what is being said.

Lori L Z (gb) wrote: The greedy rich strike again!

Minna S (nl) wrote: Nice, quite original story. Heartwarming and then again -wrenching to the end.

Joshua F (ru) wrote: MUITO BOM MESMO! da um medo legal cara mas no um dos melhores!

Divya B (jp) wrote: abhishek was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott in dis movie

Harry F (it) wrote: It pains me to write a negative review for a shane meadows film, it really does. Sadly, this film is just a wasted opportunity. It has lots of really talented actors, but most of them fail to deliver. The best actress is Finn Atkins, the young daughter who lights up the screen whenever shes on. The main actors, rhys ifans and robert carlyle, are fairly disappointing. Carlyle is especially bad, as he has put in some great performances in the past (BEGBIE!!!) but he fails to do much. Thats the problem with this film. It doesn't really have any heroes. Dek is too wimpy and wet to be a hero, at least until the end. Carlyle is ridiculously unlikeable, while the main woman is rather selfish. All in all, the film does have some funny moments, a great cast and the odd nice moment, but its stuck somewhere between a bad film and a good film, so it averages to 50.

Robert I (us) wrote: One of the best fantasy movies ever! Everyone has a tool, there's a fellowship, big monster... A D&D nerd's dream!

Joel A (fr) wrote: An electrifying film that is perfect blend of a gangster picture & a film noir. Cagney is sensational as the main boss who is strangely connected to his mother & has crippling mental issues.The largely on an undercover detective who befriends Cagney in jail & plans to assist his major heist of chemical plant in Los Angeles.A rich & vibrant film that captures the craziness & chaos of Cagney's character & life. An engrossing film that couldn't have a more terrific & purposeful ending ...Look Ma!!! ...I'm on top of the world!!! Brilliant Stuff this film.

Riff J (gb) wrote: Don't believe the hate on this movie, this is a good horror movie that delivers more than a few scares. The beginning is really good which gets the viewer invested right from the start. Sure, it comes down a bit from there, but that's an argument I fail to comprehend bc that can be said about ANY movie that starts with a bang. Plus, for a change, the movie contains above average acting. There isn't a shortage of horror movies whereby the premise is very interesting, but the lack of quality acting leads to the viewer not being sold re what they're witnessing onscreen. Jeepers doesn't have that issue bc there are several above average actors who actually manage to enhance an already intriguing script. Combined with an atmosphere that I felt was conducive to heightening the fear level, this movie succeeded at what it attempts to do: SCARE!

Andrew H (mx) wrote: I really want to see this

Henry J (kr) wrote: A beautiful and almost unnerving story takes a look at young love.

Josh M (ag) wrote: John Carpenter is in his prime and puts together another all around entertaining movie. His cinematography, soundtrack, and directing are all on point in Christine. The two main characters (I am including Christine, the Plymouth Fury as a character) evolve in chilling fashion.